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The value of a hand-made object is unquestionable and immeasurable. The Venetian territory boasts an unparalleled craft production, here presented in the sphere of the Expo 2015 through a series of exclusive events. More information...

You will start a journey through craft culture, from a point of view which privileges typical boat production and restoration and the mystic world of Murano glass.

Craft is founded on the figure of the craftsman, who is at the same time an entrepreneur and a worker, who creates real works of art thanks to his genius, his manual skill, his practical sense and his continuous innovation.

Over the centuries the territory has seen the development of a considerable number of craft professions (more than 300!) that convey in the products a series of values, such as tradition and culture, enriched by new techniques and trends. The made-in-the-Venetian-territory, result of a century-long culture and of the secrets passed down from one generation to another, is in demand all over the world for its quality, for its unique style and for its timeless design.

Put your hands and creativity to test in a journey through craft culture, typical boat production and restoration and through the legendary world of Murano glass. An emotional adventure suspended in time.

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Craft Culture
This route gives you the opportunity to move freely in a series of events organized, in the sphere of the Expo 2015, inside a wide theatre of traditions and culture.

Murano Glass
A burning crucible and a mass of incandescent matter, a series of two-hands-tool: this is the summary of Murano glass.

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