Discover, inside this route, the thousands of aspects of wellness, through a series of events organized in the sphere of the Expo 2015. A wellness developed at 360 degrees: from wellness centres and spas to body care, make-up, cosmetics and perfumes. More information...

Passing stress-free days, far from the daily routine, pampering our body, enjoying sports, are becoming essential gateways from the frenetic everyday life.

Beauty farms propose a wide range of aesthetic treatments, which combine the curative effect with the aesthetic one. In this sense, in the Venetian territory the cosmetic industry provides an essential aid, giving shape to high quality products.

Innovation and research carry out a fundamental role: on the one hand to improve the product already on sale, on the other hand availing themselves of the collaboration of high-profile scientists and researchers to seek continuously new ingredients, materials and solutions.

By collaborating with fashion houses, artists or famous people of the contemporary world, they give form to unique and exclusive products, which often come in limited editions.

A lot of wellness centres avail themselves of the collaboration of ayurvedic medicine, a discipline based on the equilibrium between mind, body and soul which is translated in specific treatments that go from the use of herbs and minerals, to massages with essential oils, to yoga and meditation.

An itinerary of routes and events, on the occasion of the Expo 2015, an experiential journey focused on you and your well-being.

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Wellness centres and spas
Find inside this route a series of exclusive events and amazing opportunities that will take you to the discovery, during the period of the Universal Exposition 2015, of the wellness centres and spas spread over the territory: from mountains to sea, each one with its peculiarities, dictated by the wonderful surrounding cultural and natural context.

Make-up, cosmetics, perfumes
This route gives you access to a series of exclusive events, designed in the sphere of the Expo 2015, inside the world of make-up, cosmetics and perfumes.

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