Innovative City Planning

The events connected to the innovative city planning theme refer to sustainable architecture, green-building, green renovation, and restoration which use non-invasive and conservative technologies, up to the theme of the smart cities. More information...

The Venetian territory is rich with state-of-the-art companies in the sector of technology applied to city planning.

This is due to the intrinsic features of the territory, enriched by cities of art, and characterized also by an extreme morphologic diversity, which ranges from mountains to sea, from plains to hills.

In this sector, the need to find answers to a continuous demand for comfortable living, has implied continuous research of ever more sophisticated and functional solutions, technologies and engineering.

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Sustainable architecture - Green Building
Green building and sustainable architecture are among the most dynamic innovative sectors in the city planning field. Many are the companies in the Venetian territory employed both in the study of the materials and in the improvement of green building solutions and of energetic efficiency for the building of houses, palaces and public buildings.

Renovation works
The intervention on existing building is an important player of the innovative city planning field: the recovery and optimization of spaces and houses implies necessarily the use of new technologies for energy saving and for redevelopment.

Conservative restoration
In a territory as rich in history as the Venetian one, a restoration chain exists and it is particularly active and dynamic. The different steps of a restoration start from the study of the original work, recovering old images or drawings, and arrive to the use of nanotechnologies.

Smart City
In the Venetian territory, many are the areas that have started a route in the optic of a Smart City, placing the Veneto administrative centres among the most efficient in this field.

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