A pet is an animal with which people usually live together as friends. Generally most pets belong to a small number of species, often preferred for their specific appearance or behaviour. More information...

Mammals, especially dogs and cats, are the most common type of pet, along with birds and fish, which often involve specific equipment and nutrition modalities.

Among pets there are also many species of reptiles (the most common are turtles, snakes, iguanas ...), some types of amphibians and, more rarely, even arthropods such as spiders and scorpions.

Find inside the Pets theme the events offered during the period of the EXPO 2015, covering the entire production chain of the industry. From breeding to food for animals and equipment production, up to competitions, trade fairs and sector exhibitions.

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The Venetian territory is enriched by artisan realities and by farms of large, medium and small dimensions. Animal breeding includes all those activities (and related structures) for the management, maintenance and reproduction of animals (mammals, birds and fish) used for economic purposes (pets, production of meat and fat, milk, leather, fur, eggs ...). In this section you can find many events related to pet breeding, taking place during the Universal Exposition, but mostly you can plan your visits to the best companies in the breeding sector.

Equipment and nutrition
All pet nutrition and care products belong to the pet equipment, product and nutrition theme.

Events, fairs and exhibitions
There are countless competitions, trade fairs and exhibitions dedicated to pets, organized in the territory of Venice. Find a detailed list of events organized by a variety of organizations, associations, companies, to satisfy all your needs.

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