Find in this theme a rich combination of opportunities and events taking place during the Expo 2015 and revolving around the theme of water, from the fount where it springs to its following treatment and its purification, that will encourage you to enter the world of mineral water and of beverages and of their bottling. More information...

The Venetian territory is disseminated with important rivers and hydric reservoirs, which inevitably have conditioned the life of all the civilizations that have alternated themselves in this area. The symbiotic relationship between man and water has continued for centuries, with water considered as an absolute and precious good, reason why the streams haven't been subject to negligence, due to industrialization, as has happened in other territories.

The census of the springs underlined a more than positive overall picture of the state of health of the mountain water springs, from the point of view of both their quality, in force of the fact that very rarely pollutants have been found, and quantity, since a decrease in the flow value has never been registered.

The sustainable use of hydro mineral resources, specifically mineral and spring waters (destined for bottling), used for their special hygienical features or as medical drinks, thermal and therapeutic mineral waters and geothermal resources (the ones destined for exploitation of the heat exchange), has determined a significant scenario of relevant importance both for the curative aspect and for the social and economic benefits.


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This route allows you to take part in a series of exclusive events, organized in the sphere of the Expo 2015, which give you a privileged access to the lively world of springs.

Mineral water and drinks
The Venetian territory is enriched by mineral waters with different features, distributed mainly in the provinces of Venice, Padua and Vicenza.

Water treatment and purification
In this route you can discover a series of events, running during the Universal Exposition 2015, to satisfy any curiosity and need connected to the water purification process.

Production, Bottling and Marketing
Find in this route a rich combination of exclusive events running during the Expo 2015 that will satisfy all your curiosities and needs connected to the bottling route.

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