Water Wellness

This theme gives privileged access to the world of water wellness through a series of events regarding thermal baths and immersions organized in the sphere of the Expo 2015. Well-known are both the importance of water for the survival of every living organism, and the numerous innate positive and curative features of this extraordinary natural element. More information...

As an essential factor of purification ( the human body is made up of two thirds of water), water has a fundamental value for the well-being of the whole organism.

Water and wellness: the Venetian territory has made of this couple a fact of excellence. Immersing into water is a wonderful activity.

The possibility of searching the underwater, marine or lake world is something that human beings share with few other mammals: let yourself be wrapped by this vital fluid, by this body-support where you can let yourself go.

Many are also its applications in the therapeutic field, all to be discovered in this Expo 2015: from inhalation therapies, in which the mineral water particles are atomised, to hydroponic therapies, based on the therapeutic use of water as a drink, from hydrokinetic-therapy, which takes advantage of its physical and chemical properties, to thermal baths, with muds and baths, up to thermal caves in which water steam is used.

The extraordinary therapeutic value of the territory's waters and muds is closely linked to the severity of the laws governing their extraction, which allow to avoid an unruly use of the resources and their relative impoverishment.

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Thermal baths
This route introduces you to all the exclusive events realized in the sphere of the Expo 2015 revolving around the therapeutic and relaxing features of thermal waters.

In order to satisfy all your curiosities and needs related to world of immersions, learn more about the exclusive events taking place during the Expo 2015.

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