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I Battelli del Brenta della Antoniana Servizi

via Porciglia, 34 - Padova (PD)

Phone: +390498760233 Website:
Service description

I Battelli del Brenta® is a group of panoramic motorboats, carrying from 50 to 120 passengers, that cruise along the Brenta River from Venice to Padua or viceversa, among nature, art and history: heirs of ancient traditions, these modern and comfortable boats slowly cruise the Brenta river while tourist guides on board tell about the history, the culture and the art of the Venetian Villas that rise along the Brenta Riviera. Full-day, half-day and short navigation programmes, with internal visit to some beautiful Villas, are available. Our boats are equipped with cabin, bar, toilets and a panoramic deck that offers passengers a full view around.

Furthermore, our Organisation is a Destination Management Company (DMC) that supplies hotel bookings, bus rentals, excursions and visits to the main sights of the Venetian Area.


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