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Via Rinalda, 25 - Pianezze (VI)

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Transfers to and from airoports,railway stations,ports and cities all over the country(ITALY) and all Europe.
Cars with driver(English spoken) suitable for ceremonies,events and conferences.
Shopping tour in the prestigious fashion streets and outlets such as Milan,Florence,Rome...
Delivery of documents and packs with the utmost discretion.
Limousine services for parties,special events,fairs,advertising and much more.
Rental of sports cars amoung the most prestigious brands,with the ability to book a test drive of the famous Ferrari,directly in Maranello Italy(Ferrari's home).
Helicopter rental,private planes and yachts for unforgettable stay in Italy.
Ability to have an interepter for English, French and Arabic languages.
Possibility of private security.
Facilities for payment by the main international credit cards or by bank transfer.
Our drivers are professional and highly trained...always ready to satisfy all your needs and make sure that you enjoy your trip.

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