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AQUAE VENEZIA 2015 Aquae Venezia 2015 is the international exhibition dedicated to water, a Side event of Expo Milano 2015. It will be hosted in Venice from May through to October 2015. The event is organized by Expo Venice S.p.a. Aquae Venezia 2015, collateral event of Expo Milano 2015, will be opened on May 3rd, 2015, two days after the opening of the patron event. Aquae Venezia 2015 is an International exposition dedicated to water. It will be hosted in Venice from May through to October 2015. Promoted by the exposition company Expo Venice Spa, Aquae 2015 will be held in a multifunctional pavilion built for the occasion, which will remain the city’s after the Expo and will host future trade fairs, expositions, cultural and sporting events.

The exposition aims to recount, represent, and bear testimony to the excellence of research and enterprise, and the concrete and symbolic values linked to water. Aquae 2015 creates in this sense, an interactive journey through the many issues related to agriculture and industry, health and wellbeing, during our leisure time and at work: six months of debates and discussions, a foundation of awareness of the importance of this blue gold as a fundamental resource for life and a limited one at that.
Davide Rampello, artistic director of the “Zero” Pavilion and events calendar for Expo Milano 2015, is the Artistic Director of Aquae 2015.
Armando Peres, currently President of the Tourism Division of the OECD in Paris, is Scientific Director.
A new multifunctional pavilion at the gateway to Venice
Aquae 2015 will be hosted in the multifunctional pavilion which “Condotte Immobiliare” is constructing in Venice-Marghera, designed by architect Michele De Lucchi, designer also of the Expo Milano “Zero” Pavilion. The pavilion covers 14,000 mq2, and is made up of a single bay supported by four pillars 32 meters apart from one another, the overall height is 20m. The total area covered by Aquae 2015, is 50,000mq2 and boasts views looking out over the water; 1000 parking spaces, both covered and uncovered. The property is located close to the Science and Technology Park of Venice “VEGA” and it maintains the process to requalify and convert one of the main industrial centers in Europe into the advanced tertiary sector of Porto Marghera. The layout of the interior is designed by Studio Gris and Dainese, under the artistic direction of David Rampello.
The exposition
Aquae Venezia 2015 hosts a permanent institutional and experiential exhibition for the six months of Expo, which is flanked by temporary events of varying durations, including commercial, cultural and scientific displays. It is a busy program of expositions, experiential activities and conferences, a B2B business area, workshops and matchmaking in which the theme of water will be looked at under every aspect: from the environment, labor, industry, agriculture, through to nutrition, health, wellbeing and leisure.
Two events that must be mentioned are: “Planet Water”, organized by eAmbiente and in scientific coordination with Gabriella Chiellino, is a series of three expositions directed to B2Bs and B2Cs, dedicated to drainage systems, irrigation, systems against desertification and reclaiming of polluted areas. The second,“Water and Life”, organized by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi with the scientific coordination of Chiara Tonelli, is a series of scientific conferences devoted to wellbeing and health. Among other events already in the calendar are: the “Water Festival” by Federutility, “Work at Seaworld - International fair of the Maritime Economy and the Blue Economy”, “AltaBirra - Hall of beer with a real creative flair” by Officina Comunicazione & Eventi.
Among the permanent sections are “The International Food Experience Area” devoted to nutrition and to food with taste boutiques and several dining areas chiefly assigned to the culinary traditions of the world related to fish dishes, just to top it all off there are cooking classes and cooking shows.
To complete the exposition there is “the Park of Leonardo”, a theme park outside the pavilion, where children and adults can learn about scientific aspects related to water in a fun, dynamic and interactive way.

The Exhibition will take place from May until September 2015 in the new pavilion in Venice Mainland.
For further information please visit http://www.aquae2015.org
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