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BIODIVERSITY AROUND US Studies and researches on an evolving landscape, which still reserves big surprises. For many years the network Musei Canal di Brenta is monitoring and studying the local biodiversity and in general the biodiversity of the Veneto region in some of its most peculiar and important aspects. In a open conference, created in collaboration with the Scuola e Tempo Ritrovato of Valstagna and for the DarwinDay 2015, the results of some of these researches will be presented and discussed. The knowledge on population dynamics of the grasshoppers threatening the area of the Colli Berici and Colli Euganei, on how the gray squirrels are competing with the native red squirrel in the piedmont plains, on why some extremely rare insects that are now found in demographic explosions while others very common are now disappearing and on how our caves are still hiding little known but extremely important natural resources, allow us to understand the value of our biodiversity. A difficult concept to fit in a single term and even more difficult to be managed but perhaps the most important issue facing our future, because the biodiversity is now the main pillar that sustain the ecological network of the environment where we live.

Free admission at the Middle School of Valstagna, from 15.00 to 17.00
Keep up to date on the site www.museicanaldibrenta.it
  • via Ferrazzi 6
    Valstagna (VI)


The network of the Musei del Canal di Brenta is a cultural project aimed to set up a bridge between the many museums, collections and sites of cultural interest in the area of the Brenta vally in the Venetian Prealps.
Contactos Empresas
Palazzo Guarnieri – Piazza 4 Novembre, 15
36020 - SAN NAZARIO (VI)
+39 042499891 www.museicanaldibrenta.it
Founded as a museum association, this museum network develops in the broadest sense of the term, comprehending not only the traditional museums but also all those cultural, historical , ethnographic , artistic and natural elements of the valley that represent and describe its history and have shaped and enriched its heterogeneous landscape with a common identity, in the way of a local eco-museum.
To promote these common aspects, the network Musei del Canal di Brenta Canal aims to create a bridge between these cultural elements to support and improve their quality to reach the standards of cultural value universally recognized by the main cultural and scientific institutes.

Municipalities members of this network are:
Cismon del Grappa
Bassano Del Grappa
San Nazario
Calendario Expo Veneto

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