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DISCOVER PADUA IN ONE DAY: FROM THE MASTERPIECES OF THE SCROVEGNI CHAPEL TO THE BOTANICAL GARDEN Discover this charming town, located only 30 minutes far from Venice. It is rich of masterpieces like the frescoes painted by the master Giotto inside the Scrovegni Chapel, or the ancient University and one of the oldest Botanical gardens in the world, UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Padova is one of the most charming and dynamic towns in Italy. The historical centre boasts a wealth of medieval, renaissance and modern architecture; here a fascinating mix of historic and new, of centuries-old traditions and metropolitan rhythms creates a unique atmosphere. The medieval palaces, churches and cobbled streets emanate a sense of history and culture, the shops, markets and locals, a sparkling vitality and vibrant modern life.

The Scrovegni Chapel, a masterpiece in the history of painting in Italy and Europe in the 14th century, is considered to be the most complete series of frescoes executed by Giotto in his mature age.  The sense of nature and history, humanity and faith are mingled in narrating the stories of the Virgin Mary and Christ in a unique way.

The Botanical garden is the most ancient in the history; with the opening of a new, modern area in 2014 it has become a fine example of how modernity and antiquity can live together.

The tour runs a only as a private tour. It is available every day, starting from the Padua railway station. We can also buy train tickets from and to the main italian cities and provide your private transfer.
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Passeggiate Italiane is a travel agency and tour operator located in Venice. We want to show the authenticity of Italy, out of the standardized path of mass tourism, offering a wide array of top notch services all over the country and especially in the Veneto region. We would like to let travellers know that, next to the main cities, they could discover smaller towns and areas, beautiful countries and landscapes that represent a different and maybe more typical face of Italy.
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Passeggiate Italiane is a travel agency born from the idea of Laura Carsillo who is the owner. Laura has

worked for many years as a tourist guide in Rome, now with a doctorate level degree in art history, she

continues to strive in helping visitors discover the very best Italy has to offer. She has a particular

sensibility for World Heritage sites having worked for UNESCO in Florence and Ferrara, before moving to

Venice and deciding to provide her own experience and knowledge to those who visit. Rome, Florence and

Venice, along with other less traveled locations are offered as destinations for personalized tours that

offer an authentic contact with the city and the territory by discovering monuments, historic handicrafts

and traditional activity that take place. Visitors are encouraged to follow diverse itineraries that

take a side route from the usual places of mass tourism, or can participate in more classical tours

accompanied by specialized professional guides. To get to really know a location, above from the

stereotypical sites - this is the true objective of Laura and Passeggiate Italiane.

“Passeggiate Italiane is an agency founded on ideals and people: I believe that it is these two elements 

to determine the qualitative profile of an agency. To fulfill this I surrounded myself with collaborators 

both professional and passionate in their work: enthusiasm, experience and training are at the service of 

the visitor, with the objective of spreading the culture of our country and to create memorable travel 

experiences. “ Laura Carsillo
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