VISIT WITH WINE TASTING AT PALLADIAN VILLA ANGARANO OF BASSANO DEL GRAPPA During Milan's EXPO 2015, enthusiasts of architect Palladio and winelovers are welcome at winery Villa Angarano to have a tour with wine tasting in "a well-known place for its precious wines here produced, for its fruits here grown, and even more for the courtesy of the owner” (A. Palladio,1570). VISIT WITH WINE TASTING

On the occasion of Milan's EXPO 2015, Villa Angarano is open for tours with wine tastings by appointment. The visit includes:
A welcome under the Palladian Barchessa with a brief speech on the story of the Villa and the Family.
Visit inside the old Courtyard and, if the weather allows, visit of the Park, featured by its centuries-old trees. During the vintage season, it is possible to access the Vineyards and watch the grape harvest.
The visit follows to the family Chapel of Santa Maria Maddalena.
To conclude, in the Ancient Stable the guided wine and the olive oil tasting takes place, paired with local product tastes.
For whom might be interest in, it is possible to purchase Villa Angarano’s wine and the olive oil directly in our cellar.


Costs per person for the guided visit with wine tasting varies from €12,00 to € 18,00 according to the number of guests and the wines tasted.
The minimum duration of the tour is 50 minutes.
For reservation and visit personalization, please contact us at info@villaangarano.com or on +39 0424 503086 from 9.00 to 13.00.
  • Contrà Corte S.Eusebio, 15
    Bassano del Grappa (VI)


Villa Angarano is both a historic winery and a Palladian villa included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, owned by 5 sisters descendent of an ancient Venetian family. Villa Angarano’s agriculture philosophy is based on respect for the environment and human health. In 2012 it started the transformation into organic farming. Our wines: ANGARANO BIANCO Vespaiolo – ANGARANO ROSSO Merlot – CA' MICHIEL Chardonnay – QUARE DI ANGARANO Cabernet Sauvignon – 5 SISTERS Rosé – SAN BIAGIO Breganze Torcolato
Contactos Empresas
Via Contrà Corte S.Eusebio 15
36061 - Bassano del Grappa (VI)
+390424503086 www.villaangarano.com
We could call Villa Angarano “The Villa of the Ladies”, since a female descendant line of the greatest Venetian families has brought the Villa in the hands of the present owners as dowry over three centuries. Well aware of the treasure inherited from their ancestors who have handed it down from generation to generation with love and care, the five sisters Carla, Giovanna, Anna, Maruzza and Isabella are currently carrying on the matriarchal tradition of the Villa.

In 1556 Count Giacomo Angarano commissioned Villa Angarano Bianchi Michiel to his friend and well-known architect Andrea Palladio, who is one of the most influential figures in the history of western architecture. He was the most important architect in the Republic of Venice, where he designed many villas that made him famous. In 1996 Villa Angarano was included in the list of Italian UNESCO World Heritage.

It is possible to reach the Villa either from the river Brenta, where it appears in all its magnificence, or from Bassano del Grappa long the Campesana road. From here, you enter the Villa across the rural Courtyard, framed by centuries-old American wine grapes, and the great central Farmyard, where wheat was once unloaded and which has now become an evocative patio surrounded by dwellings.
The connection between the rural Courtyard and the Barchessas of the Villa is quite secret and unexpected.
The Eastern Barchessa includes S. Maria Maddalena's little church, where the family's weddings have taken place, and the Old Stables nearby. Here wooden plaques hanging over the stalls still show the names of past horses, such as Aladar, Saturno and Raul. Incredibly, these names have never been erased; rather they have endured through time, like all the rest, to testify an ancient past when people travelled only on horse-drawn carriages and wine grapes were pressed with bare feet.

Farming company VILLA ANGARANO's vineyards extend up to the right bank of river Brenta, in the Eastern area of Breganze DOC.
After centuries of traditional methods, a long and challenging renovation process started with the vineyard replantation in 2003. In order not to lose the area's tipicity, uniqueness and scents, it was chosen to replant the old biotypes which have been grown in the area for centuries, such as local variety Vespaiola. Anyway, some so-called “international” grape varieties can be considered as local and typical as the native ones, since they have been grown for generations and have assimilated the distinctive features of our place. This is the case of our Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Moreover, Villa Angarano has adopted a model of agriculture respectful of human health and the environment. This is the reason why in 2012 Villa Angarano began a transformative process to biological farming, taking benefit from the natural fertility of the soil. Similarly, in the cellar we limit the use of enological products to give room to biotechnologies.
In “The Four books of Architecture”, Andrea Palladio describes Villa Angarano in this way: “This is a well-known place for its precious wines here produced, for its fruits here grown, and even more for the courtesy of the owner” (1570).
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