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#HUMAN #MARKETING: NEW MARKETING FEATURES OF OLD TRADITIONAL MARKETING SCHEMES Today we often speak about emotional marketing and customer marketing even in Food&Beverage sector: everything is related to individual emotions and human relations.
In this workshop I suggest new interpretation keys to make marketing more #human.
During this universal EXPO I will show a new marketing field: #humanmarketing.
It's dedicated to everyone is in connection (in life and at work) with other people and wants to improve the positive challenge those relations would create.
  • Emotional communication
  • Tourism products created by original experiences
  • New trends
  • Low budget promotion
All of these are #humanmarketing tools we can especially apply to tourism and F&B sectors.

2015 May 14th, from 10am to 16pm
Villa Carrara - Riviera Cornicello, Bardolino (VR)
free entrance
info & reservation: enricascopel@hotmail.com
  • Riva Cornicello, 5
    Bardolino (VR)


I'm a consultant and professor in tourism marketing matters.
I work since 2002 in many public and private boards studying and teaching about new trends in tourism.
Contactos Empresas
Via Gandino 9/c
31100 - Treviso (TV)
+393475634980 www.enricascopel.it
I've been consultant in main italian private/public boards as: Italian Touring Club, National Board for Foreign Commerce (ICE), Milan University, Udine University, Venice University and in many hotels, restaurants and hospitality firms.
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