Evento > 19^ Exhibition of cheese Morlacco and Bastardo del Grappa and Montagna Veneta

19^ EXHIBITION OF CHEESE MORLACCO AND BASTARDO DEL GRAPPA AND MONTAGNA VENETA A Malga Campo Croce, in the municipality of Borso del Grappa, a day to know the production of alpine cheese with the 15^ Exhibition of cheese Morlacco and Bastardo del Grappa and Montagna Veneta. For the 19th years the festival, celebrate ,at the slopes of Cima Grappa, typical production The Festival of Cheese del Grappa is in the 19th edition. Founded with the aim of safeguarding the livestock and dairy activities of local pastures, ensure proper remuneration of pasture and enhance the typical agricultural food production, as Morlacco and Bastardo del Grappa that - thanks to this festival - have been able to live a real rediscovery. Today, the Festival organized by A.Pro.La.V. the Association of Milk Producers of Veneto, with the support of the Province and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and the municipality of Borso del Grappa and the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, wants to be the engine of a cultural movement that, through the rediscovery of mountain cheese production, promotes values ​​such as the production of traditional cheeses of superior quality, biodiversity protection (the microbe that makes each unique and inimitable alpine cheese), a livestock away from fast industrial fairer and healthier, as well as the preservation of the mountain through the maintenance of the pastures. Showcasing the best production of pastures, awarding the best producers, tastings and entertainment throughout the day.

What: 15^ Exhibition of cheese Morlacco and Bastardo del Grappa and Montagna Veneta
When: Sunday, 2nd August – from 10.00 to 18.00
Where: Malga Campocroce (Borso del Grappa)
  • Malga Campo Croce
    Borso del Grappa (TV)


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