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IT'S ALWAYS EARTH HOUR Deterfriend repeats the Global event WWF Earth Hour. Purpose: eliminate from the environment as many bottles and reduce CO2 emissions from combustion of plastic (production, disposal, recycling). Heaps of bottles floating on the water, massed on the river banks, on beaches, are there for all of us to see. News on Climate Change are frequently spread by the media. All this worry, the more sensitive are suffering, but overall we feel powerless. But there's a way we can act ! it's when we purchase: choose a product without packaging is a small but great gesture for the environment. Less plastic means less environmental degradation and to cut greenhouse gas emissions due to its combustion in production, recycling and disposal (1 PET plastic hg hg CO2 = 5). Deterfriend: automatic store to purchase in bulk detergent, born from the dream of a biologist to act in favor of the environment, in order to reflect and disseminate the importance of choosing products in bulk, annually participates in the event global WWF "Earth Hour" for a sustainable future. During 'Earth Hour', Deterfriend gives half liter of detergent to people who buy a liter reusing their empty bottle. In late evening is calculate how much plastic and how much CO2 to the environment are avoided. For Deterfriend is always the Earth Hour and the same awareness initiative is revived one day a month for the whole period of Expo 2015.

Throughout the Expo period, the first Thursday of each month, from 17.30 to 19.30, come to Deterfriend with your empty bottle: for every liter of detergent bought, half a liter is free. We will take the amount of plastic saved by this system of purchase and calculate the value of avoided CO2 to the atmosphere. Come, your gesture is important because every change starts right from you.

  • Via Madonna della Salute, 86
    Padova (PD)


Deterfriend, is a fully automated system for the retail sale of bulk detergents. It cares about the the environment: 1) you reuse your own bottle (of any size and capacity) 2) The products are zero-mile, high concentration , selected for the sanitation of food activities and great for the domestic hygiene. 3) almost all meet the minimum environmental criteria according to the law of May 24, 2012 of the Ministry of Environment. Soon Deterfriend will have 100% organic products.
Contactos Empresas
Via Madonna della Salute 86
35129 - PADOVA (PD)
+393298841301 www.deterfriend.com
Enrica Sanavio, Biologist spec. in Chemistry and Food Technology, working since 1998 as a consultant in the field of hygienic safety of foods (HACCP, training grocers). In 2012 realizes an idea gained from two of his experiences: sanitizing and automatic dispensers (like raw milk models); then acquires distributors, select local companies producing high quality detergents, creates a brand and opens a  fully automatic store where the customer is self-serving  (like making fuel in gas station) of bulk liquid detergent.              www.deterfriend.com
The experience acquired in the field of sanitation, in the food industry has shown that professional products have high costs because between the producer and the customer are involved many intermediaries that want you to undertake a minimum order, giving part of the money to area representatives. Plus, Detergents are delivered in bulky plastic containers packed in cartons. Waste of plastic and money. For those reasons was born the idea of ​​creating a service for those who need large quantities of highly active cleaning detergents at a reasonable cost. The objective is to give the possibility to obtain supplies of detergent in a direct, easy way, acquiring the right amount (not compulsory!), as making gas on a fuel station and at the same time provide a system for purchasing benefit the environment that allows to reuse their own container: bottle, tank or recipient of any capacity and size. The project was originally designed to target the food industry has been extended to give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of a consumer eco-compatible. Detergents for washing clothes, has also been selected always with the same criteria: concentrated products to zero miles. Now in Padova is available an always open store equipped to make self-service detergent. That saves time, too! Matching with everyone job's times. Deterfriend does'nt make junk and contributes to the reduce CO2. (1Hg PET plastic type avoided 5Hg = less CO2 in the atmosphere!)
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