Evento > The palladian Villa Cordellina and the frescoes of Tiepolo through the 5 senses

THE PALLADIAN VILLA CORDELLINA AND THE FRESCOES OF TIEPOLO THROUGH THE 5 SENSES A complete and interactive visit at the Villa Cordellina at Montecchio Maggiore, one of the most interesting examples of palladian style architecture in the XVIII century. The villa is decorated with a complete cycle of frescoes by Tiepolo, the main Venetian painter of that time. A complete visit at the perfectly preserved villa Cordellina, built in the XVIII century in palladian style. The visit is involving all five senses: we'lll be guided by the flower scents in the amazing garden, listen to the real voices of those who have lived inside the villa in the various centuries, touch the damasks and brocades of the sumptuous dresses of the aristocratic venetian ladies and taste the typical food of the Renaissance period in the huge and perfectly functioning kitchen.

In the main hall we will sit and understand the stories told by Tiepolo in his shiny frescoes: the Clemency of Scipio and the Act of mercy of Darius of Persia. Dramatic and magnificent episodes of classic history, told through a fascinating storytelling technique.

A whole experience to understand the spirit of an age, and admire the beautiful frecoes of the main painter of the XVIII century.

The visit lasts about 2 hours, and is available in Italian, English, French or German
The villa is reachable by car (A4 motorway, Montecchio Maggiore stop) or by bike. Wide parking outside.
Reservation is mandatory - Suitable for groups, families and children
The visit will be made for a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 40 people.
Prices: 5€ to 15€ per person depending on the inscriptions - Entrancy ticket apart € 3 per person
  • Via Lovara
    Montecchio Maggiore (VI)


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