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PADUAN CHICKEN " WITH LARGE CLUMP", A MODEL TO PROMOTE THE AREA The Paduan chicken "with large clump", pearl among the Italian breeds of chickens, proposes a model of rural biodiversity so dear to the theme of EXPO 2015: "Feeding the Planet".
It outlines the colours, the characteristics and uses of this animal .
The event aims to raise awareness and spread about the Paduan Chicken, typical of the Venetian territory between Padua and Venice; this animal is suitable to resume farming rural farmyard animals, for ornamental characteristics as well as its excelled organoleptic qualities of the meat and eggs.

Will be treated the typical characteristics of the breed, example of animal biodiversity which incorporates the themes of EXPO 2015, with the aim of spreading this breed of Italian chickens more in our country and abroad.

EXPO MILANO and EXPO VENETO allow us to introduce the rural traditions of our country, including the emblem represented by the Paduan chicken, result of the great combination between agriculture, landscape and environment.

Nature is LIFE.

The event will be held on Saturday,10th October 2015, from 16.00 to 18.30 (the theoretical part will last about 1 hour and a half, practical demonstration will last about 1 hour).

The event will take place in Cittadella (Padova),  Via Casaretta, 103 (inside Villa Negri).

To take part to our event, plunged into nature and animals, just send us an email or visit our website www.gallinapadovana.net

The event is for free, there is a lot of place for everybody, and the possibility to park.
  • Via Casaretta, 103
    Cittadella (PD)


The breeding Andrea Pozzato was born from a passion for Paduan chicken with a large clump , pearl among the Italian breeds of chickens and beautiful animal ornament , which I introduced in my company after treating chickens native of Veneto in my university dissertation.
Contactos Empresas
Via Borgo Musiletto, 2
35013 - Cittadella (PD)
00393291052158 www.gallinapadovana.net
With ten years of experience , I dedicate my time to these animals , and with this passion I want to spread this race from the north and from the lands of Padua , to which we are already grateful for many other typical . My breeding has fertile eggs with expeditions in Italy and abroad , of chicks and young animals as well as to adults in various colors in purity , paying close attention to animal welfare. Bred for the protection of biodiversity and is ideal for small spaces or important gardens . Visit www.gallinapadovana.net
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