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ACROSS VENETO - ROUTE "BETWEEN HISTORY AND LEGENDS" Curious and unusual itineraries that open a window on the legends and history of some sacred places of Veneto, in some ways still shrouded in mystery. From the hills to Venice Lagoon, every place will charm you. In some places in Veneto spirituality and mystery  intersect enhance each other in the richness of a cultural heritage to be discovered. Symbols, citations and mysterious inscriptions open unimagined windows on legend and history. References to Freemasonry, the Order of the Templars and the political events of a long ago are concealed where one would least suspect: on holy ground. In Veneto, questions swirl amid nebulous, though fascinating, interpretations cloaked in the deepest mystery.
Here are all the places that you can discover through the route  "Between history and legends" of Across Veneto:

Villa San Giuseppe - Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Sanctuary of San Mamante - Sossai di Belluno (BL)
Punta San Vigilio - Verona
Abbey of Santa Maria del Pero - Monastier (TV)
Church of the Templars - Ormelle (TV)
Baptistery of the Duomo - Padua
Church of San Michele Arcangelo – Pozzoveggiani (PD)
Parish church - Santa Lucia di Piave (TV)
Abbey of San Pietro di Villanova - San Bonifacio (VR)
Monastery of San Giovanni Decollato - San Giovanni in Monte (VI)
Esoteric Path of Valmarana Park - Saonara (PD)
Abbey of Santa Maria - Summaga (VE)
Church of Santa Fosca - Torcello (VE)
The Templars in Venice - thematic route
Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Pace - Verona
Church of Santa Corona - Vicenza
The 500 relics of Villa Ghedini - Villa Bartolomea (VR)

Churches and cathedrals in the cities centers, abbeys and castles surrounded by nature from the Dolomiti to Venice Lagoon, testimonials of the saints and famous figures, memorials, dark mysteries and symbols to interpret. Across Veneto offers all this in fascinating thematic routes that intertwine harmoniously culture and spirituality.
The project promotes the artistic and historical wealth of  Veneto region, addressing both the general public as to believers to offer, in the year of EXPO 2015, a complete tourist proposal, suitable for everyone. Across Veneto runs through the territory through holy sites, places of worship and works of sacred art, offering the opportunity to discover the routes of the faith, the devotion of popular stories, traditions and legends that survive in the extraordinary artistic and architectural works.

You can discover the complete route "Between history and legends" on the official web site of Across Veneto http://www.acrossveneto.it/en/vie/between-history-and-legends/
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  • Chiesa dei Templari, via Templari 63
    Ormelle (TV)


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