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GUSTABILI PRESENTS – GALA AVANT-GARDE PART I: WHEN PAINTING MEETS COOKING. Opening evening of Season 2015. Young people in a condition of social discomfort and those with intellectual disabilities, thanks to the Gustabili project are given the opportunity to work. The evening will include a food tasting and a cooking and a painting show in the prestigious Grassi Palace The Gala Avant-Garde part I: when painting meets cooking is part of a series of events named “Avant-Garde: when art feeds and the food is art” sponsored by the Gustabili group. The event will include a food tasting and a cooking show, to be enjoyed while listening to music and sipping the wines of the canteen “Parco della Venda”. It will take place in the prestigious Grassi Palace of Chioggia, VE.
We do not believe in the motto “Con l’arte non si mangia” (“With art you don’t feed people”). Significantly a revitalization of the role of the art in the sphere of cooking is also the main theme of this year Expo hosted in Milan.
One of the main objectives of Gustabili is to overturn the assumption that as you do not feed people with art so you can’t expect to improve the life of disabled and fragile people outside from the domain of assistance and simple care. Gustabili aspires to explore another, more meaningful way to transform in a productive sense the intrinsic worth of the human being, exerting leverage on what is generally known as infertile and giving value to single episodes of beauty and taste.
Like all other Avant-Garde, the Gustabili project believes that the art of living stems from encounters: be that fruitful exchanges (or collisions) of passions, experiences, images, cultures, visions, the inspirational theme of our calendar will be the common culinary and artistic base of the art of making.  
All our events will be characterized by the exploration of the link that connects arts and food, two elements seen as the product of the encounter/opposition of different visions, conflicting in only an apparent way; they can in fact be put together by creativity and the human genius.
At the base of our work is the enhancement of those binary oppositions generally neglected, with the constant reminder that every single element, every little part can indeed contribute to the creation of human potential, of human value.
In short, what does Gustabili offer? This is a project that values traditional food, fruit and vegetables, homemade honey from Barena, organic local products: these are the basic ingredients that will allow our disabled and young needy people to be employed in the making of their own work. Our project will be a sort of itinerant social restaurant connected to social gardens and small artisan activities, where the personnel is constituted by disabled and socially fragile people. 
Gustabili is the result of the integration of different actions such as social horticulture and catering, experienced within the Chioggia Laguna area and the nearby territory. By promoting the right to work of these people and by overturning an obsolete social vision that negatively perceives them as disadvantaged, Gustabili supports and encourages an orientation project, where formation, training and job coaching are all geared toward the social re-integration of these young people, and potentially also their insertion in the job market. In particular, we wish to help transitioning those who are being hosted in our educating communities or daily care centers and that, when turning 18, are expected to be leaving the centers. Gustabili is the first and a unique territorial/regional project open to the public and entirely dedicated to the cause of social re-integration.
With its activities in the realm of social horticulture and catering, Gustabili gives our young people a distinctive opportunity to be confronted with critical moments (the organization and management of lunches and buffet, for example), which are fundamental in order to increase their self esteem and self confidence (gained only through the experience).

Gala Avant-Garde part I: when painting meets cooking will take place on June 26th, 2015 in the Palazzo Grassi Fondamenta Canal Vena, 1282, Chioggia (VE).
The event will start at 8pm.
For additional information and bookings contact Cooperativa Titoli Minori - Calle Seminario, 740 Chioggia (VE) telephone: 041/400729 (from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 12:30pm). Email us at info@titoliminori.com or silvia.zennaro@titoliminori.com
  • Fondamenta Canal Vena, 1282
    Chioggia (VE)


“Titoli minori” is a type A co-op fostering several projects in the Venice and Rovigo area, which aim at promoting the wellbeing and social integration of disabled, distressed and needy minors. 
Contactos Empresas
Calle Seminario, 740
30015 - Chioggia (VE)
+3941400729 www.titoliminori.com
Our conviction of a possible education in this field has ignited in us the desire to improve the life of those who are often considered invisible in our society. We put our expertise and competence at the service of the personal fulfillment of the invisible. 
Mission and areas of intervention: 
Our mission is to enhance a set of responsibilities and values directly connected with the betterment of the human being and his/her most complete well-being; we carry on our undertaking privileging the being, its uniqueness, without distinctions. We promote the constant advancement of our services and activities’ quality, first of all through research and the training of our educators and associates. Titoli minori plans projects and offer services considering the specific needs of our community.
History of Titoli Minori:
Titoli minori was born in 2000; its origin and cultural foundation stems from the experience of Social Service (Servizio Civile Nazionale) during the 90s. This particular type of commitment – which put in contact almost 150 young people with minors, disadvantaged and disabled – led us to believe that the interaction with people in need had to be established in a more significant professional activity. It is exactly in the spirit of improving the daily life of the disabled that Titoli minori started its projects in the Venice and Rovigo territories. Today we manage and oversee assisted living facilities, daily care centers and one educating community for both disabled and minors. We support these projects with the necessary services regarding childcare (kindergarten and supplementary aids for early childhood), animations and free time (such as game/toys rooms, youth centers, and our several projects directed at preventing alcohol abuse, alcoholism and related problems).
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