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ROMEO AND JULIET Itinerant play along the most fascinating and romantic venues of Verona, the city of eternal love. During Expo2015, the city of Verona (115 km distance from Venice and 160 km distance from Milan) , gives the opportunity to live the magic of the most famous love story in the world .
Verona, surrounded by the magic atmosphere of its medioeval city centre and the charm of ancient streets and buildings, is the protagonist of this play, as passionate as the immortal thwarted love of Romeo and Juliet. It becomes then the perfect theatre and the audience is guided by the actors, who will go along the scenes of one of the most beautiful masterpieces written by Shakespeare. A play that continues to enchant by touching everybody's heart.
The audience in fact will see the most famous tragedy in the world, in its original set.
The show will be represented in two versions, one in Italian and one in English, thanks to the partnership with the famous British theater, the Kings Theatre Trust Ltd in the city of Portsmouth (Hampshire).
The play will be itinerant and will start from the famous Juliet’s courtyard. It will move then to the magic Terrace Juliet's, the most beautiful squares of the city and the Teatro Stabile of Verona. The show will lead all tourists to the immortal love of Romeo and Juliet.

The show will be performed from the 24th of June to the 28th of September 2015, every day except Tuesdays at 9pm . At 8.30pm a drink/buffet will be served before starting the show.
The play, in the two versions, will be performed as follows:
Italian version: from 24th June to 27th July and from 19th August to 28th September
English version: from 29th July to 17th August.

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Italian version: from the 24th of June to the 27th of July and from the 19th of August to the 28th of September, at 9pm
English version: from the 29th of  July to the 17th of August, at 9pm
Tickets: € 20 (full price),  € 15 (reduced), including drink/buffet. 
For each play the capacity will be 100 people at maximum.
Parking discount: 25% Parcheggio Saba (Piazza Isolo)
Info and booking:  Teatro Stabile di Verona    tel.  +39 045 8006100   www.teatostabileveneto.it/verona/
 Opening times: Monday-Saturday 3,30 pm – 8 pm
 Email: info.teatronuovo@teatrostabileveneto.it
Pre-booking: BOXOFFICE, via Pallone 16, phone +39 045 8011154 and CALL CENTER 848002008
ONLINE: www.geticket.it
  • Via Cappello 23
    Verona (VR)


The Teatro Stabile di Verona, based in Verona at the Teatro Nuovo, in 2005 it was awared as ‘Teatro Stabile a iniziativa privata’ (private theatre company) by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. This recognition is the proof of the high standard in cultural production , promotion and hospitality.
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Piazza Viviani, 10
37121 - Verona (VR)
+390458006100 www.teatrostabileveneto.it
The production of Teatro Stabile of Verona has got a long story: the acting company was created in 1989 by a group of actors who attended the 'Scuola Civica di Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi' (Civic School of Dramatic Arts Paolo Grassi) in Milan and who, in the same year, debuted with 'Romeo and Juliet', a play that immediately became a big success and was replayed  many times in Verona and in Italy. Using as operational headquarters the Teatro Nuovo and the Teatro Alcione in Verona, the actor and director Paolo Valerio started taking up an artistic path focused on the investigation and interpretation of classical and contemporary theatre’s masterpieces, first of all the great Shakespearean theatre (‘Hamlet’ in 1991, ‘Shakespearean Fragments’ in 1995, ‘Othello’ in 2002, ‘Macbeth’ in 2003, ‘The Tempest’ in 2004 ) and also the Venetian repertoire (‘Arlecchino Servant of Two Masters’ in 2001) .
From this moment on the Teatro Stabile of Verona begins then a strong partnership with the 'Estate Teatrale veronese' (Shakespeare Summer Festival), the Shakespeare Festival for excellence that since 1948 takes place every summer in Verona at the archaeological site of 'Teatro Romano' (the Roman Theatre). Thanks to this festival the city identifies in Shakespeare its commitment in theatre. In addition to the prose of the Bard, the festival puts on also works of Carlo Goldoni, jazz concerts and dance performances with companies from all over the world.
An example of the strong partnership between the Teatro Stabile of Verona  the festival is 'Lost in Cyprus on the trail of Othello', which opened the 2014 edition of the festival. The show, opening night , was in fact produced by the Teatro Stabile of Verona and by the association 'La Pirandelliana '. Free adaptation of William Shakespeare's Othello, the play is an idea of Giuseppe Battiston , Valentina Fois , Francesco Rossini and Paolo Civati​​ and is directed by Giuseppe Battiston (who is also the protagonist) and Paolo Civati ​​.
For the previous editions of the Shakespearean festival  the Theatre Stabile of Verona produced the following plays: 'Pericles, Prince of Tyre' (with its own actors), 2008; 'The Taming of the Shrew' (in a fun and original version with Natalino Balasso and Stefania Felicioli), 2009. 2011 saw the birth of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', directed by Joel Dix and performed by a cast of extraordinary comedians which debuted at the Teatro Romano in  Verona and then went on touring on the most important Italian theatres.
An other Shakespearean production  made by Teatro Stabile of Verona together with a. Associated Artists of Gorizia (currently in its fourth year of replicas)  is 'All Shakespeare in 90 minutes', a project made by Paolo Valerio on the basis of the famous play 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) 'by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield. The performance is a real challenge as it means to represent all the works of the Bard in a football match time. The challenge is played and won by the comic duo ‘Zuzzurro and Gaspare’, accompanied by a young and talented actor, Maurizio Lombardi. The director is Alessandro Benvenuti (who replaced Zuzzurro later on).
The Teatro Stabile of Verona hosts and organizes two important prose seasons at the Teatro Nuovo: the ‘Great Theatre' season, made ​​in collaboration with Verona City Council Department of Culture and The ‘Let’s have fun at theatre’ season, which in a few years has become a referring point for the big names of Italian theatre, especially for ligth comedy . Thanks to these seasons and to other events, the Teatro Nuovo, headquarter of the Teatro Stabile of Verona, has reached, in the last ten years, the first rank in Veneto and one of the top places in Italy for number of audience.
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