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HONEY AND GELATO - FOOD FROM THE NATURE From flowers and bees to the Honey

An exclusive experience through the wonderful world of the bees, which gave us an amazing product, fundamental for our diet.

From Honey to artisan Gelato

The honey, excellent type of sugar, as the base for the most known italian sweet: the artisan gelato.
The training course combines two different local companies, following the guideline given from the expo 2015; two different Venetian companies join together to communicate two symbols product of the italian excellence: honey and artisan gelato.

The day will be divided into two different moment: a lecture and a practical workshop.


-the bees

-the flowers

-the propolis

-royal jelly

-the honey


Realization of artisan gelato with honey.

With the help of an experienced gelato artisan, each student will be able to produce an italian artisan gelato.

Every student will learn the traditional method to make the real italian gelato, by participating actively at the lesson.

At the end of the workshop we will taste the products.

Operatiiviset lisätiedot

What time starts the course? And what time its end?

The course starts at 9:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm

How much dies it cost?

15 euro per person with the coffee break included

How can i book at the course?

The easiest way to book is to send an e-mail to info@csgonline.it specifying the name of the 

course or by telephone at the number 049 8702229

Otherwise you can book the course using our website: www.csgonline.it/csg/corsi

How can i pay the course?

In 3 different ways:

1 with credit card, using paypal

2 with payment in advance. Send an email at info@csgonline.it tell the course you want to pay and  ask for the bank details.

3 with cash at our shops

When i have to pay for the course?

You have absolutely to pay in advance to avoid of been excluse

When the does the booking close?

Usually we close the reservation 3 days before the course, or, if we reach the maximum number of participant the reservation may be close in advance.

Can you help me to book a room in an hotel?

For our students, we set favorable rates with the local hotels. csg staff will take care of booking the hotel for students that require it.

I don't have the car, is there any bus services to and from the hotel?

CSG will provide a bus for students to and from the hotel at the beginning and end of each day.

Our location is also served by the local bus service, line nr 7, stop via irpinia.
  • Via Canada 21
    Padova (PD)


Csg has as its primary purposes the satisfaction and the professional growth of its customers: artisan gelato maker, pastry chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, tourist activities, canteens.

We accompain the customers' development in many services:
  • Business plan counseling and study
  • Furniture design and shop masterplan
  • Implementation and realization of the final project for your shop
  • Before and after sales assistance
  • Training courses
Yrityksen yhteystiedot
35127 - PADOVA (PD)
Our costumers are artisan gelato company, pastries, bars, restaurant, business canteens, hotels and commercial business' dealers.

We design and refined shops and export equipment (new or used) in all the world. 

Our 30 year experience in the business is the confirmation of a company that has always invested in people, research, training and the expertise to recognize, choose and sell the best products in the market.
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