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Wine is a millenary art, knowing how to drink takes strength through the culture and the research.
The Oenological High School I.S.I.S.S G.B.Cerletti of Conegliano and the Interdepartmental Research Centre for Viticulture and Oenology (C.I.R.V.E.) have developed a project of promotion and valorization of the surrounding territory through the creation of a Network of sharing with the Partners that can better represent its heterogeneity. The Project, called "The Temple of Prosecco", has as common denominator the binomial "Viticulture&Oenology" and thanks to the drive of the wine, specifically to Prosecco, the project has defined tourist Itineraries with the aim to drive the visitors of Expo Milano 2015 to the Venetian hinterland. Through guided tours, they could discover the typical agri-food products, the production capacity and the landscapes that historically have characterize these territories. The tourists could choose the tour them more conformable and each itinerary will start and end at the site of the renowned Oenological School of Conegliano. 

In detail, the School aims to welcome at the Campus Italian and foreign groups/delegations, giving them the possibility to look into the most advanced researches about wines, about the technique of making sparkling wines, about the best form of vine cultivation for the local viticulture and more generally for the surrounding territory. Visitors can access to all the facilities of the Campus. They can deepening the researchesand experiments in the fields of the Viticulture, the Oenology and the Sensory Analysis.
The tour includes a visit to the tasting room realized by Giovanni Marsili, director of the School of Arts and Crafts of Conegliano, as well as the “Aula Magna” (Auditorium) decorated by Antonio Maria Morera and the “Bottega del Vino Italiano” (wine shopping hall); inaugurated on the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Oenological School in 1927. The visit will stop to the Wine Museum named to L. Manzoni (Professor and Teacher), who have attended the School and who have produced wines of international fame such as the “Incrocio Manzoni”. The museum will expose a unique collection of objects, works and writings papers of Professor L. Manzoni and will give a representation of all the aspects related to its historical and scientific activities.
The tour will also take the visitors to the cellar, the laboratory of distillation of the Italian GRAPPA until the wine shop and the modern multisensory wine tasting room, where the visitors will taste the wine produced by the School.
The visit of the Campus end at 12:00 am, after that will start a program of activities defined and managed by the Project Partners who will take the visitors to a guided tour to their area. Visitors can choose between different routes that allow revealing the typical products, the production capacity and the landscapes that historically have characterize the inland of Veneto Region. Approaching tours and Itineraries of knowledge to flavors of traditional and innovative features.

Visitors can choose and put together their favorite Itinerary matching the visit to the Oenological School in the morning ("The Temple of Prosecco"), with one of the following tours organized by the Project Partners in the afternoon:

1. "The wines of the Doges”of the Lison Pramaggiore DOC Wine Road. 

2. "Asolo Montello: wine, history and art" of the Consortium of Asolo-Montello wines.
3. "Foothills: brandy tastes, emotions, history and nature" ofMarca Treviso: Consortium for the Tourism Promotion.
4. "Sensory tour in the hills of Prosecco Superiore DOCG" of the Tutelary Consortium of Prosecco ConeglianoValdobbiadeneDocg, Prosecco Wine Road and the Committee “Primavera del Prosecco”.

5. "Enjoy Prosecco Land" of the Tutelary Consortium of Prosecco Doc

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10:00 Meeting at the Oenological High School G.B.Cerletti
10:10 Tour of the School, the tasting room, the Auditorium, the Bottega del Vino Italiano, the Wine Museum
10:30 Visit to the University Campus near the School, the experimental laboratories, the winery, the distillation plant and the laboratory for the micro-sparkling wine processing
11:30 Goodbye greeting with tasting of the wines produced by the School from the grapes of thesurrounding vineyards
12:00 Departure for the afternoon tour

1."The wines of the Doges": lunch at a traditional inn of Lison Pramaggiore Wine Road, visit to the historical center of Portogruaro, to the Abbey of Summaga, tour and tasting of organic wines at a winery in the area of Pramaggiore
2."Asolo Montello: wine, history and art": travel by bus with guide, lunch, entrance and guided tour to Gypsoteca Canovaand to Villa Maser 
3."Foothills: mixing of tastes, emotions, history and nature": lunch at a renowned restaurant with stunning view, tasting of grappa in a historic local distillery, visit of the Museum of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto or the Museum of the Silkworm, panoramic tour and visit of Conegliano, a beautiful Renaissance city
4."Sensory tour in the hills of Prosecco Superiore DOCG": lunch with typical products, visit along the "Road of Prosecco", visit to villages, churches and abbeys representative of the territory, visit and tasting at a winery of the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene
5.“Enjoy Prosecco Land”: lunch at a historical place of the UrbsPicta and visit to the frescoed city; discover of the Prosecco Doc land and visit at a winery with tasting of local products
Tours available every Friday and Saturday (10-18/18:30), after reservation.
For details of the tours and prices: www.scuolaenologica.unipd.it/it/expo2015/index.html 
Mail: tempiodelprosecco@gmail.com
Address: Via XXVIII Aprile, 20 31015 Conegliano TV
Phone: +39043863349
  • Via XXVIII Aprile, 20
    31015 Conegliano TV (TV)
  • Piazza Filodrammatici, 3,
    31100 Treviso TV (TV)
  • Piazza Libertà, 7
    Pieve di Soligo TV (TV)
  • Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo I, 1
    31029 Vittorio Veneto TV (TV)
  • Via Carpenè
    31020 Revine Lago (TV) (TV)
  • Via Piva, 89 - Villa dei Cedri
    31049 Valdobbiadene (Tv) (TV)
  • Municipio di Asolo – Piazza G. D’Annunzio, 1
    31011 Asolo (TV) Italy (TV)
  • Piazza Libertà, 74
    Pramaggiore (VE)


Founded in 1876 by the Eno-chemical Antonio Carpenè and the Engineer Giovanni Battista Cerletti, it is the oldest and most prestigious Italian School for the training in the viticulture and wine industry fields. With 139 years of history, the Oenological School G.B. Cerletti has characterized the evolution of the enological world and the agricultural policies of the surrounding area and today it is the landmark of the National Oenology.
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+39 043861421 www.isisscerletticonegliano.gov.it/cerletti
The Oenological School is located in the heart of the Treviso, not far from the historic town of Conegliano, on the slopes of the Pre-alps, between the hills and the flat ground. In these territories, the secular rural culture has shaped unique agrarian landscapes and environments where the vineyard has a special role and can express, at best, its full potential.

The School was founded in 1876 by decree of the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II and thanks to the enlightened views of the two pioneers, Antonio Carpenè and Giovanni Battista Cerletti, is become leader in Italy and abroad for the activities of education and research in viticulture and enology. The Scholl enroll more than 1,500 students per year, and educate around the 90% of all the regional winemakers; among the alumnus has many famous personalities of the national and international world of wine.

 The Institute is part of an Oenological Campus of about ten acres on the hills of Conegliano. Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Padua;  the Interdepartmental Centre for Research in Viticulture and Enology (CIRVE) and the National Research Centre for Viticulture (CRA - VIT), the School is at the center of a training Campus that promotes at the highest level the education, the technical-scientific research and the marketing of wine and of the agricultural products. 

The prestigious headquarters stands out for its austere features as educational and cultural building. Among the other facilities, there are the wine shop, the boarding school, the winery, the distillation plant, the laboratories of chemistry and micro-sparkling wine processing and the EnotecaVeneta. As well as a newly built complex of classrooms which are the headquarters of the 1st cycle Beachlor Degree of "Viticulture and Enology Sciences and Technologies" of the University of Padua for the academic qualification as winemaker

The farm of the School is located on the pleasant hill behind the historic building and is cloaked by lush vineyards. On either side of the entrance road, there is a collection of vine varieties obtained through the crossing between varieties of Vitisvinifera, by prof. Luigi Manzoni. The grapes of these varieties are used both for vinification in purity, both for the preparation of special wines such as the "Passione®" fortified wine.
On the hills, in the eastern sector of the vines are cultivated the "Colli di Coneglianorosso" DOCG red grape varieties: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Merlot and Marzemino; on the western sector of "Colli di Coneglianobianco”, DOCG white grape varieties like: Chardonnay, Manzoni Bianco, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Sauvignon. The rest of the hill is cultivated with traditional/ autochthon white grape varieties of the area: BianchettaTrevigiana, Boschera, Glera (Prosecco) and Verdiso.
The second part of the Farm is located on the first plain of Conegliano called "Campidui", where there are cultivated clones of Glera and Raboso Piave.

The wines produced by the School, thanks to the collaboration of the students, are on sale at the shop of the winery.
The Institute has an active role also through the activities of collaboration with public authorities and private Institutions both locally and both internationally. For example, cooperation with Argentina and New Zealand, the project "Treviso for Armenia", cultural exchanges with French and German Institutes, the project "Leonardo" with foreign nations; while at a local and national level: "Drinking aware", "Environmental Education and environmentally sustainable processes", internships etc.
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