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JEANSELIT IRONING BOARD STRETCHES EVEN THE PASTA! You can visit our showroom with a wide selection of ironing systems: cheap ironing boards, professional ones (with suction, heating and blowing systems) and boilers (single products or to be combined with an ironing board). During the universal exposition “Expo 2015”, BMI BERTOLLO SRL offers the opportunity to visit the showroom of the company with the exposition of the entire range of all the ironing systems produced. During Expo Milano event, visitors can see and try the models proposed, testing personally the quality and the technical innovations comparing  with similar products actually available on the market.

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From May until the end of “Expo 2015” you can visit the showroom of the company on Tuesday, apart from August, with the following opening time: from 8 till 12.a.m.
Any visit must be previously booked, sending an e-mail to alessia_bertollo@bmifw.com
  • Via Gazzo 42
    Pianezze (VI)


BMI BERTOLLO SRL  produces a wide range of products, from ironing boards to boilers, completely “made in Italy”, with high quality materials and patented technical solutions. It designed the original ironing board with “a bridge” structure, unique in the world, which guarantees stability and sturdiness and enables to iron while comfortably seated.
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Via Gazzo 42
36060 - Pianezze (VI)
+39 0424 780348 www.bmifw.com
BMI BERTOLLO SRL is an Italian company, founded in 1967, specialized in the production of professional ironing systems for domestic use, hotels and ironing shops.
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