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VENETIAN MASK DECORATION WORKSHOP During the workshop, participants will decorate a traditional Venetian papier-machè mask. Each guest will learn how to decorate a papier-machè mask with the help of our artisans.
This workshop is an amazing activity that you can experience in Venice.
The activity is perfect for kids, young adults, students, family and adults. 
Special prices for groups, students and children under 18. 
Please note that all materials are included (the decorated masks are offered to each guest)


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Languages: English, French 
Time: about two hours

The workshops need to be booked by contacting Atelier Marega in order to schedule it.
Info and prices: www.marega.it 

  • Sestiere San Polo 2940/B
    Venezia (VE)


Atelier Marega creates since 1981 papier machè masks in Venice according to the traditional handmade techniques. With the same passion, Atelier Marega also produces historical costumes and accessories, and organizes events in Venice (for istance: Casanova Grand Ball), workshops and mask-making demonstrations. 
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San Pol 2940/b
30125 - Venice (VE)
+390415224650 www.marega.it
With the aid of pencils, Indian ink, gold and silver levees, precious lace, damask ‘s fabric and other rich and special materials, in different styles and decoration, the Venetian and ancient art of making the masks become again to live in our tradition thanks to Carlo’s hands.  In his little  small workshop there are many shelves in which many masks from every kind of material and finely decorated are exhibited.  
In 1986, with  his brother’s support,  Renzo, new graduate, Carlo opens his second store, a bigger point of sales in the shelter of San Marco ‘square.
The strict work education teach by his family  and thanks to his business vendor will push Carlo to open a third and forth stores respectively in the San Rocco and San Toma’s area. The incessant work undertakes without any break Carlo’s life, giving him a lot of satisfactions. Carlo ‘staff  jack up in very fast way, keeping mainly a family corporate image.
The styles and several techniques improved. The precious unique and original creations are required in Italy and also abroad. Another shop opens the doors in the shelter of San Zaccaria.
In 2005 Atelier Marega born. Atelier Marega is a design studio in which fantasy, creativity and skills join up the history. High costumes, faithful copies of the fashion of the Venetian 700,  are molding from their learned hands of Leo and Silvia, skillful Atelier Marega’s costumers. Masks  and costumes complement one another.
In 2011 Marega Events born: the young cultural daughter of Atelier Marega. This is a company skilled in the events planning: private event, theme party, Gala’s dinner, masked ball, etc. The perfect venues for these kinds of events are noble and famous Venetian Palaces or other well-known hotels and places situated in the beautiful and magical Venice.
During Carnival 2014., Marega Events organized the first Casanova’s masked ball, entitled "Casanova Grand Ball, Vices & Virtues."  The guests, stripped  out of  their modernity, have been playfully called to relive the splendor of a glorious past in an alternation of costumes, masks, music, dancing and sweet and savory dishes prepared according to the traditional Venetian cuisine.
Finally, the Atelier Marega  organizes demonstrations and workshops for individuals or groups.
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