CYCLING AMONG OLD RIVER PORTS AND CASTLES EXPO 2015, bicycle tour and tasting menu, to know the beauty of the Euganean Hills and the specialities of the Farm MOLINA.
Expo 2015, Discover the Euganean Hills from the saddle of the bike, along the cycle path that surronds the entire scenic area. The sights are simply spectacular!
At the end of the excursion, at the Farm House Molina di Broggiato, you can taste some local gastronomic specialities.
All dishes are prepared with our and local products in full respect of our Km 0 philosophy.
You will Know the big family Broggiato, their research  to create and support an environment sustainable, retrieving all the rituals typical of the area, where there is the possibility of enhancing and share the products that their land produces and dishes and flavors that follow.

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Itinerary: we bike mostly on the riverbanks and gravel roads, on asphalt secondary roads, protected from regular traffic.
Starting point: 9.00 a.m. AZIENDA AGRICOLA AGRITURISMO MOLINA di Broggiato, Via Roneghetto 60 - 35034- Lozzo Atestino (PD)
coordinate GPS 45.270845, 11.590637
Difficulty: easy, total 30 Km,altitude range 18m
Duration: departure tour 9.00 a.m., Lunch at 1.00 p.m.
Points of interest: Lozzo Hill, Valbona Castle, hystorical center of Vò Vecchio, Villa Contarini- Venier, Town of Lozzo Atestino.
Specific equipment necessary: your own bicycle or it is possible to rent one wthit a price supplement , in collaboration with Bahica veicoli elettrici
INFO & RESERVATION: Mobile 339-7378726  Paola  info@molinadibroggiato.it
Reservation is needed for all the service
In case of adverse weather conditions, the bike tour maybe modified or cancelled.
  • Via Roneghetto, 60
    Lozzo Atestino (PD)


Welcom to the "multifunctional" Farm Molina, the creation of a new land-agricolture-environment-wine&food production chain which centres on the individual and human values with special care to disabled guests.
Comunication with nature,a simple yet looked-after environment and the wide open spaces borded by the Euganean Hill give the impression of an oasis of well-being , where guests can enjoy the genuine pleasures in life.
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Via Roneghetto 60
35034 - Lozzo Atestino (PD)
+393397378726 www.molinadibroggiato.it
The land hosting the Farm run by the Broggiato brothers still belonged to the estates of the Da Zara, counts of Venice as late as the early 1900s, when the Broggiato family moved from Agugliaro to Lozzo Atestino and great-grandfather Antonio purchased the farmhouse and adjoining fields.
Year after year, the following generation have faithfully upheld the choise of living in the country, looking after the fields and livestock and preservering the original dwelling; in spite of many innovations, the harmony of the ancient courtyard remains.
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