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ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL Festival proposing recipes with green and white asparagus, from starters to main courses, through pastas and rices. Different wines will complete the taste and perfume of delicate and springy recipes. We will also suggest combination between asparagus recipes and wines.


Boiled eggs filled with asparagus cream
Grisons air dried beef rolled with asparagus creme                                                            
White asparagus boiled  with vinaigrette souce and hard eggs
Seabass boiled with oil and lemon and green asparagus salad
Mixed starters of asparagus,  

Pasta and Rice

Vialone nano rice with Green Asparagus  (ready in 20 minutes)
Home made pasta  with whiteAsparagus,tomatoes, marjoram
Fettucine with white Asparagus, and cheese
Green Asparagus soup with croutes

Main courses

Cut of Scottona beef fillet with green asparagus
Escalope of veal with white and green asparagus
Fillet of pork with white asparagus
Seabass fillet grilled with white asparagus salad  
Tiger Prawns en papillote Nordic Style
Tuna fish in casserole with green asparagus cream
Provolone cheese stuffed with green asparagus
Fried Eggs with white asparagus  

Only asparagus

White Asparagus Parmigiana Style
Green asparagus boiled  With olive oil and vinegar


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The Restaurant is open from 12 to 14 and from 19.30 to 22
Closed on Sunday
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Our hotel is the Chocolate and Flowers Hotel, every room is decorated and perfumed with flowers and we offer chocolate at your arrival.
We have also a restaurant that offer many specialities inspired by a monthly theme (like artichokes or mushrooms)
We're rated 5 stars on Tripadvisor.
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Via Bellette 28
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+39 045545513 www.hotelallacampagna.com
We're located just 6 Km away from the historical center of Verona, 10 minutes by car or 15 by bus.
The atmosphere of the hotel is familiar and you'll find kind and professional persons at your service.
We also have a Restaurant that offer many specialties inspired by a monthly theme (like mushrooms in October or artichokes in March and many others), with fresh regional and mediterranean recipes.
We're very near Verona, just 6 Km and only 20 Km from the wine area of soave and 20 Km from the wine area of Valpolicella. The Garda lake and Gardaland are at 30 Km.
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