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Along the narrow streets of the village of Asolo, discovering hidden corners of the ancient monuments and exclusive access to the colorful and lush garden of Villa Freya Stark with the remains of the Roman theater in Asolo (first century AD).
Half-day with our local guides discovering the charming atmophere of Asolo, with all treasures hidden by its medioeval walls and its history of glory and romance.

Historical center of Asolo
Asolo, fascinating medieval hamlet, one of the “most beautiful villages of Italy”, has been for all time a curious destination for artists and illustrious personalities, attracted by the amenity of the countryside and by the atmosphere of innate serenity spread by the old palaces and the numerous works of art the city holds.
During the Renaissance the court of the Venetian Caterina Cornaro, former Queen of Cyprus, Armenia and Jerusalem, gave to Asolo the fame of cultural city, that has been over the centuries an attraction for many artists: the painter Lorenzo Lotto, the cardinal and humanist Pietro Bembo, the English poet Robert Browning, the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero, the architect Carlo Scarpa, the Divine actress Eleonora Duse and the English writer Freya Stark.

Archaeological park Garden of Villa Freya Stark
For most of the 20th century the Garden and the annexed villa belonged to Freya Stark, great explorer of the Middle East and one of the founders of modern travel litterature. As a great lover of gardening, from her travels she has brought various botanical species that she placed in her lush garden.
Visit rich botanical setting and the restaured archaeological site of the Roman theatre of Asolo.

Starting from the little village of Asolo, a guide will accompany you to discover all the hidden treasures around the “city of hundred horizons”, so called by the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci: the Palladian Villa Barbaro in Maser, frescoed by Veronese; the temple and the plaster cast gallery by the sculptor Antonio Canova in Possagno; the monumental Brion Tomb by the modern architect Carlo Scarpa in San Vito d’Altivole; the Palladian Villa Emo in Fanzolo di Vedelago, frescoed by Zelotti.

Our local guides will lead you across history and flavours of the Veneto region, discovering Palladian Villas, ancient villages, places of the Great War, charming wineries in the Garden of Venice.


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Half day tour max 2.5h
For individuals or groups
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BellAsolo is the travel agency that will accompany and offer you all the excellences of our land, ranging from the Mount Grappa's piedmont to Venice.
BellAsolo is welcoming and familiar.
BellAsolo offers special packages and organizes personalized tours: through our website you can choose your accommodation and all the services and activities that will allow you to experience the most intimate and authentic visit of the territory.
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+390423565478 www.bellasolo.it
BellAsolo is a group of friends grew up in the green hills of the little village of Asolo, among the Prosecco vineyards and the fragrance of the alpine grazing, amid the art of Palladio and Canova and the crafts of the tradition, living a life in the open air along the reflections of the lagoon of Venice. We are the locals who can help you unveil and get to know to the hidden "hundred horizons" of a territory out of time. Because our territory deserves to be visited but even more to be experienced.

Pack your suitcase with everything you've ever dreamed of experiencing and realize your own ideal holiday, we are ready to guide you in your personalized travel in the wonderful hills of Venice! Each setting hides unique details that remain secret to those who arrive here for the first time. Discover them with BellAsolo, we are the local friends who will welcome and accompany you to unveil all the wonders our territory has to offer.

Beatrice was born in 1977 and she lives in Asolo (Treviso) where her memories of when she was a young girl are still vivid, when she ran in the woods near her grandmother Jolanda’s house with her sister Elizabeth, where she collected chestnuts, mushrooms, cyclamen or she pretended to be an explorer. She graduated in Sociology – Communication and mass media in Trento and she has always worked in the cultural and touristic field of her native town: she is responsible of the Tourist Information and Welcoming Office in Asolo; she organizes events, often in the traditional food and wine context; she works on organizing conventions; she is tourist recreation counselor and guide; she has been for many years part of the local association Pro Loco of Asolo. She loves the simplicity and the flavor of homemade dishes and she believes that the best way spend her time is to have heart-to-hearts with friends in front of a glass of good wine. She is convinced that the engine of personal growth is curiosity.

Laura was born in 1980 and she lives in the hills of Asolo (Treviso). She graduated in Political Sciences in Padua and she is now specializing in Organization and Management of cultural events and itineraries at the Philosophy and Letters Faculty in Ferrara. She has a multi-annual working experience at the Civic Museum in Asolo and as responsible at  the Tourist Information and Welcoming Office of Castelfranco Veneto; she is a tourist recreation counselor and guide and an authorized tour guide for the province of Treviso and the Venetian Villas, her current main activity; she is technical director of travel agency as well. She is active in organizing events with the local association Pro Loco of Asolo. She loves travelling and meeting foreign people, which is an expression of the continuous curiosity in savoring the cultural differences of different countries. She desires that what makes the territory where she was born unique could be discovered and experienced by people who choose a vacation in Veneto.

Bojana was born in 1979 in Croatia; at the beginning of 90s she arrived in Italy, in Asolo (Treviso), and since that period the beauty of these places has not stopped to surprise her. She has always been busy in tourism and cultural activities. She graduated in Public Relations in Gorizia and she has specialized in Cultural Tourist Systems in Ferrara. A life path made of travels (she has lived in the Usa and in France for long periods), good reads and destined encounters, has brought her again to settle in the hills of Asolo, where she now works on territorial marketing projects connected to food and wine tourism, collaborating with the Wine Road of Montello and the hills of Asolo and with the local Consortium of DOCG wine’s care.
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