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GUIDED TOUR IN VILLA CONDULMER The visit includes a tour of Villa Condulmer,eighteenth-century historic home,delved into the green of the huge park,feather in the cap of Venetian villas.
The event will take place in the wonderful structure of Villa Condulmer. The tour starts from the villa entrance,which is associated with a white boulevard,sourrended by elegant meadows and the charm of secular trees and by the beauty of the main facade of the building: majestic and impressive.

From here you enter in the main hall,elegantly furnished and adorned by beautiful stucco and impressive frescoes. The two side staircases lead to the main floor,which opens a huge living room,with the Venetian tipically floor slightly tilted at the midpoint for the weight of the piano that it was hosted for years.

The upper floors Suites retains elements of the historical accomodation of the furnituires and others renewed in the last century,but manteined in the style that distinguishes Villa Condulmer. The villa is flanked by two beautiful lodges that connect it to the Barchessa , whose vaults protect the floors of the rooms and corridors . The decorative pavements do not hide the signs of aging and reveal their history .

At the end of the visit it will have the opportunity to taste local wines selected by our Maitre accompanied by local products prepared by the chefs .


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TIME: from 9.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m.

DURATION VISIT: 30 minutes

Booking welcome to the phone number :+39 0415972700 or to the e.mail: info@hotelvillacondulme

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Villa Condulmer, located so close to Venice and the main airports, is an idyllic 48 stylish room hotel, housed in a building that dates from the beginning of the 16th Century and surrounded by a huge park with many facilities and a fantastic Golf Club. Villa Condulmer is a 5 star hotel, luxury restaurant and mainly the place tailor made for Your relax during your leisure and business travels.
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Via Preganziol, 1
31021 - Mogliano Veneto (TV)
+39 041 59 72 700 www.hotelvillacondulmer.it
The origin of the complex is unknown and brings a little mystery together with it. The official commissioning is reported by Alvise Condulmer and is dated 1743 A.c. The Condulmers, a Venetian family arrived in the Island in the medieval ages from northwest Italy, during the centuries were able to become one of the most powerful commercial competitors in the Venetian Republic and had the honour to gave to Italy many men of talent, including Pope Eugene IV. The complex, anyway, stands over the ruins of a medieval Monastery, completely renovated at the time of  building the Villa.
The villa has an exceptionally spacious, elegant and ornate interior with beautiful stucco work.

The central room in the ground floor still contains four painting by Eugenio Moretti Larese (1822-1874) in fine. Baroque stucco frames depicting “the Toilet”, “The Hunt”, “The Harvest” and “Bucolic Revels”.  In one of these pictures, Moretti Larese also painted one of the most famous hosts of Villa Condulmer: Giuseppe Verdi, who was closest friend of the Tornielli family and who, during the second half of 19th century, spent a long time here. 

The outsides of the Villa has been  designed and realized under the direction of the Brescian garden architect Sebatoni and  includes a small lake, a collection of exotic plants, the ruins of a medieval tower, probably designed and  built at the time of construction and, moreover, an incredible variety of massive trees that harmoniously blend in with one another. 

One of the most famous guest in this historic house has been Giuseppe Verdi, who was a guest of Villa Condulmer after the première of  “La Traviata”,  at La Fenice in Venice ​on the evening of 6 March 1853. During his staying here in Villa Condulmer, rewrote the entire piece. So renovated, the Traviata was reproposed some months ago to the Public and, finally, became the masterpiece of Classical Music that we all know today. Another distinguished guest was Ronald Regan, who stayed in the Villa in 1987 during the G7 meeting.
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