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Terra Nuova is a platform for dialogue and discussion, where diverse relationships can be built and fostered.
The project consists of an “island” floor installation made of wood and moss roughly 5 x 7 meters in dimension. 
Gasper Jemec

Terra Nuova is a platform for dialogue and discussion, where diverse relationships can be built and fostered. The project consists of an “island” floor installation made of wood and moss roughly 5 x 7 meters in dimension. Jemec conceived of it initially as a series of drawings he made while working for Salamatina Gallery in Long Island, New York, in 2009. It wasn’t until now that he has had the opportunity to realize the work in space.   

Jemec titled his project Terra Nuova, or New Land, because he wanted to put forward a vision of what it might be like to discover a new landscape. Jemec also wanted to play off of Venice’s island environment; it is a city made up of many man-made islands, and also of existing ones in the lagoon. Terra Nuova’s form mimics the shape of the Venice Lagoon. As for the installation’s use of materials, they’re all natural. The artist’s choice of using the moss as the main material is symbolically important. In Venice, it’s found everywhere in the lagoon and it represents the pure power of nature, which persists and resists human development and encroachment. 

Gasper Jemec had a comeback of sorts in 2003, when he showed some work at the Venice Biennale; he hadn’t exhibited there in twelve years. Venice is very domestic to Jemec, especially Fallani Venezia, where Terra Nuova will premiere this May. The 16th-Century building is almost like home to the artist, since he went to the Biennale often as a child and his father collaborated with the Fallani Studio in the 1960s.  Since then, Fallani Venezia studio has worked on projects with many established international artists, such as the American, Shepard Fairey.

Gasper Jemec is an artist whose work is both timeless and unique. Jemec’s multi-media work is both sensual and cerebral, and he blends technology with tradition in order to manipulate texture, color and light in new and stimulating ways. Jemec constantly alters his materials and techniques to imbue each phase of his career with freshness and mystery. Jemec often works in several disciplines at one time, freely moving from painting to sculpture, photography and installation. Rather than following trends, Jemec works intuitively, impulsively following his own ideas as they come. Jemec believes in the power of purely visual impulses. 

Gasper Jemec was born in Slovenia in 1975. The son of a painter, he became aware of his own creativity at a precocious age and devoted his life to cultivating a restless and experimental nature. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he studied painting and sculpture. Jemec also did graduate work in painting at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in America. As a Herder scholarship winner, he further trained in sculpture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His work has been widely exhibited in solo and group shows all over the world, from Slovenia to America, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and Sweden. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York, Indiana, Vienna, Hamburg, Sakaide, Valencia, Moscow, London, and currently resides in his native country.

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Opening event: May 7, 8 pm - 11 pm

FallaniVenezia - Center for the Arts
Cannaregio 4875, Ponte dei Gesuiti, Venice, Italy

The exhibition will run from 1 - 11 May 2015, 10 am - 8 pm

The FallaniVenezia – Center for the Arts will open a unique exhibition featuring Slovenian artist Gasper Jemec, on view until May 11.
  • Cannaregio, Salizada Seriman 4875
    Venezia (VE)


Welcome to the Fallani Venezia screen-printing laboratory. 
Here, in 1968, Fiorenzo Fallani began his experience with the printing technique.
Today, the traditional activities of graphic production on commission, is accompanied by the offer of workshops and cultural events, and open the door to the new generations of artists who wish to know this exciting and versatile printing technique. 
The context is the same that has hosted artists who animated the laboratory over the years.
Yrityksen yhteystiedot
Via Pialoi, 100
30020 - Marcon (VE)
+390415235772 www.fallanivenezia.com
Welcome to the FallaniVenezia screen-printing laboratory. 
Here, in 1986, Fiorenzo Fallani began his experience with the printing technique that had recently arrived from the United States, and making its first appearance in Italy. 
In 1970 Fallani was called to participate in the XXXV Venice International Art Biennale in order to work in the screen print laboratory installed in the Italian Pavilion together with artists coming from all over the world. Here he met William Weege, and American artist that remained in Venice for more than a year in Fallani’s laboratory, and who’s friendship would become deeply significant, both from human and professional point of view.
Since then, dozens of of international artists have passed through the laboratory, from the most prominent to the young and promising names of art; here they found a place where they could experiment with new ways of graphic design, and in Fiorenzo Fallani, an always positive and innovative, and sometimes even provocative exponent, with whom to confront themselves, always with maximum respect for the roles and identity of each and everyone.
The artistic activity of the laboratory has always been accompanied by the commercial activity of the company, that, first with zincography then with photolithography created by Fiorenzo Fallani, subsequently, with the entry of his sons and with the evolution of digital technology, has evolved into the Gruppofallani company of today.
Gruppofallani today presents itself as an established industrial entity working in the cultural environment sector, specializing in the realization and installation of display installations and display showcases for museums, galleries and picture galleries. Thanks to its long-term experience in the world of art acquired in the past years, the company today is able to respond with precision and professionalism to the needs of museum conservation and display installations. The tradition of craftsmanship and love of art allows us today to have the necessary sensibility to realize technically advanced, state-of-the-art display cases, with particular attention to the construction materials, the design and the finishing.
From the birth of the laboratory, Fiorenzo Fallani’s direction for artistic production was rediscovered through the use of screen printing. With the subsequent experience of Gruppofallani, the prospectives were amplified and confirmed through a multi-purpose usage in the area of museum installations and display exposition. FallaniVenezia, today, intends to follow on the work started by Fiorenzo Fallani, continuing to seek out collaborations with artists that are approaching the screen print medium, and opening up the laboratory through training courses and hands-on experience with printing. The context is the same that hosted the artists that have animated the laboratory through the years, thus creating a continuity between the past, present and future, with the intention of building important relationships e collaborations with those whose life is the creation, diffusion and commercialization of art.
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