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ARTIGIANATO VIVO (ARTS AND CRAFTS) The traditional craft skills in Cison di Valmarino The festival devoted to traditional arts and crafts enlives the streets of the town of Cison di Valmarino (Tv), in the province of Treviso, again, from 8 al 16 agosto 2015.
Innovation and tradition, the skills of the past and innovative expertise combine in an event which celebrates the heritage of craftsmanship which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Streets, squares, porticos, courtyards and even stables: these are the places where artisans and artists from all over Italy, and also from abroad, present wooden sculptures, chairs, barrels, inlay works, kitchenware, fabrics and material made on old looms, leather, ceramics, toys, wrought iron... Over 100 display areas where visitors can admire the work of artisans which will arouse astonishment, emotions and curiosity. This is essential to the survival of traditional skills and trades, a rich heritage which must be preserved for future generations.

The festival also offers opportunities to visit the town, admire the streets, the ''porteghi'' (the areas under the porticoes) and courtyards in order to explore the traces of a rich past and monuments of great historical, artistic and architectural value, in particular the majestic medieval castle of Castelbrando.

Tourist information: +39 0438 975774
  • Piazza Roma 9
    Cison di Valmarino (TV)


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