SMART ENERGY & STORAGE: THE ROLE OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES AND THE STORAGE IN THE ACTIVE NETWORKS MT/B Energy like production and distribution from renewable sources, but also like research of efficiency, energy saving and storage. The event aims to share a path of sustainability and idea of future: a new way of thinking, working and living consciously. The recent acceleration of the production of electricity from renewable sources, in particular photovoltaic, has radically changed the management of the distribution service, starting from the fact that this energy is significantly produced exactly where the end user is located, introducing new issues such the intermittency, the unbalance and the limited predictability of this type of generation and its feeding in the network.

The energy produced from renewable sources is intermittent, discontinuous and subjected to the cycles and rules of the nature. Storage of the energy becomes the key for a sustainable present. On this basis are going to be installed, in the distribution networks, storage systems battery, which are also able to offer many features, divided into power performances (exchange of high power for short time – for example the network regulation) and energy performances (exchange of power relatively constant with autonomy of some hours – for example the increasing of the amount of self-consumption of the energy produced from renewable sources discontinuous). This makes them essential components for the microgrids functioning and in the development of the smart grids. The chain of storage systems (that includes batteries, devices of power electronic and connection electromechanicals, management computer systems and also processes of disposal and recycling of the storage battery) is a field in rapid transformation and particularly complex, and Italy is forefront in it, and in line with the few lead countries; however the poor regulations currently available, if not adapted in time, may not promote a promising industry where we’re a technology leadership.

With the purpose to help understanding the many aspects regarding the storage and its interacting with the distribution system and with the producers/users of electric energy, TDEMACNO is arranging a meeting to take stock of the new technologies.

The high increasing of the energy costs and the worry about the climate changing caused from human behavior and the carbon dioxide emissions, became the primary topic for most of the companies, in public debates and in politics. The focus of TDEMACNO on energy efficiency applies, in the first instance, to the internal processes and activities and widely developed on solutions for the entire energy value chain of our customers: from the resources extraction and their transformation in electricity, up to their efficient use in industry, in transport and service industry.



8.45 AM - 9.00 PM



9.00 AM - 10.00 PM

Regulations situation of TDE MACNO products


10.00 AM - 10.30 PM

Storage plants


10.30 AM - 10.45 PM

Coffee break


10.45 AM - 11.15 PM

Comparative overview on storage systems


11.15 AM – 11.45 PM

Hydroelectric plants


11.45 AM - 12.15 PM

TDE MACNO solutions


12.15 AM - 13.00 PM

Information desk: storage – hydro/eolic – particular solutions - offers

For subscription to the meeting: “SMART ENERGY & STORAGE: THE ROLE OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES AND OF THE STORAGE IN SMART GRINDS MT/BT” C/O Via dell’Oreficeria, 41 – Vicenza, Fridays from 2nd May to 31th October 2015 (except festivity and summer holidays) send a mail to: including: name, last name, business name, adress, city, tel., e-mail.

Confirmation data are necessary to take part and improve the management of the meeting, they will be treated in electronic form by the staff designed for the planning, only for the organization of the same event, with the exclusion of every communication or divulgation to third parties.

At The following link you can find a detailed program of the day and modalities of free subscription:
  • via dell'Oreficeria, 41
    Vicenza (VI)


Since 1976 TDE MACNO has been designing and developing specific solutions for industrial automation, in particular : static converters for the control of electric motors, sinchronous and asynchronous. Since a few years TDE MACNO is open to the sustainable energy offering drives/inverter with ActiveFrontEnd thecnology for the control of hydraulics and wind power turbines, photovoltaic power stations and storage systems, in a continuous pursuit of efficiency, energy saving and storage.
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TDE MACNO, founded in 1976, has been a pioneer in the digital electronic industry applied to the industrial automation branch. TDEMACNO is, indeed, one of the first companies to develop control systems microprocessors based. First brushless converters and inverters were born in 1987, in a very complex and dynamic industry: machines for the production of glassware pressed by BDF, worldwide leader in this industry, which became shareholder from 1988 and then the majority stockholder. So TDEMACNO joins the BDF Industries Group setting up with five other firms an electronic consortium. From 1988 we design and develope inverter and servo drives, in addition to command and control systems in the industrial automation and in the renewable energy field (hydroelectric, wind power and storage).

The headquarter with the manufacturing is located in Vicenza is compounded by up to 50 system integrators with 20 application engineers pledged to RND.

In several decades of life, TDEMACNO has expanded herself, step by step. Today the distribution, sales and assistance network is represented by 50 system integrators in Italy and worldwide. Since 2010 we have opened a sales office in Suzhou, China, with a staff high specialized in the technical application support, in add to the commercial segment.

TDEMACNO born from the passion of two power electronics engineers. In this years of activity where the tethnological excellence, driving to the innovation and talent research are founding values, this passion became our mission: characterize ourselves with a clear and representative message of what we have done, we are doing and we're going to do.

The TDEMACNO's vision come from here, from his origins: stay propositive, grow up, enhance and become more and more competitive in his existing applications and step forward as a protagonist in new green technologies.

Our reference market is the conversion of the energy in the motion control, especially the drive of electric motors. Thanks to the experience gained in the glass industry we have reached an excellent grade of control technology. We translated this experience in many other applicative sectors, mainly in the machines production. All the complex and dynamic manufacturing as the metal, plastic, and textile industry, and all processing which include heavy strength as rope-ways and the energy conversion from renewable sources have become our specialization.

The success of a company comes from a list of factors. Only technology and know-how are not enough. The excellence in TDEMACNO are the people who work in with passion,

competence, professionalism and the common and shared ambition to be main characters in the national and international scene in our application field.

Who choose TDEMACNO can count on a solid and structured team, from the pre-sale to the designing, until the commercial assistance and post-sales.

We have a way of acting pure, straightforward and level headed : we think that a business relationship should be first a personal relationship. All this factors can be translated in a great flexibility in matter of mentality and product: TDEMACNO can customize his standard range of products at different levels, HW, SW and FW for the satisfaction of the hardest to please customers too. Thanks to this approach TDEMACNO has acquired important customers who choose in addition to Made in Italy technology the Italian way to do things: we don't export only our products, our technology, but our hospitality, art, culture and territory too.
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