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INTERPRETI VENEZIANI, VIOLINS IN VENICE Interpreti Veneziani attract over 70.000 spectators every year from all over the world thanks to their expressiveness and passion that making their performances unique.
In these XXVII years of performances, Interpreti Veneziani actively worked hard on the discovery and promotion of the baroque repetoire in general of that of Vivaldi in particular. The original manuscripts of Vivaldi, in fact, which closely have gone lost after the death of the composer, were fortunately refound only during the first quarter of the XX century. Interpreti Veneziani participate with the renaissance of Vivaldi's studies since their ensemble have been created back in the '80's, working on it's score but also on it's performance.
In fact, Vivaldi's concerts demonstrate a very unique talent in describing Venice musically during the '700's., almost as if it describes little frames of every day life with their own characters, sensations, emotions, and moods of the barique life described by Vivaldi; here you may find, throughout the notes, all the characteristics that made a famous epoque and city in history: the flowing of the water, the esaltation of the festivals, love, passion, pleasure, the chirping of the birds.. and the Four Seasons, which characteristics are expressed with incomparable brilliancerendering it a piee without time able to create emotions today as much as yesterday.
The idea of introducing to the audience the baroque musical program is realised in the choosing of the prestigious location of the Concert Season of Interpreti Veneziani. the San Vidal Church in Campo San Stefano. The San Vidal Church in a prestigious and privileged church: not only for the natural internal acustics adapted to musical exhibitions, but it's also rich of paintings from the  eighteenth-century such as Piazzetta, la Lama, il Gai, and expecially the altar piece by Carpaccio with titular saint on his horse surrounded by saints; and the position of the church permits the reaching of other historical locations in Venice in brief timing.
Participating to a concert of Interpreti Veneziani, represents a unique experience where art and music unite.

The concert of Interpreti Veneziani, Violini a Venezia, is performed in the San Vidal Church in Venice, a splendid church at just a few steps from the Accademia bridge and a few minutes walk to Rialto and Saint Mark's Square.
The concert hall has a maximum capacity of 390 seats, so it is adviced to book the tickets beforehand (particularly during the end of the week and on holidays). The seats are not numbered and the opening of the doors to the public starts half an hour before the concert. The concert is about 80/90 minutes long and there is a 10 minute interval.
The ticket may be purchased directly at the San Vidal Church or at San Maurizio Church and San Giacomo Church. It is also possible to purchase the tickets on our website: or at
Otherwise there is also the possibility to reserve tickets by calling at
+39 041 277 2561 and purchase them before the concert begins.
The price of the ticket is €27 for adults; for children and students (under the age of 25), seniors over 65, and groups of at least 10 people the reduced price is €22; furthermore, for the groups we provide a free ticket  every 15 people.
The building also provides public restrooms open to the audience before and after the concert, and during the 10 minute interval (for a matter of organization the restrooms remain closed during the performance).
The San Vidal Church may be reached by foot (around 15 minutes walking from Piazzale Roma or Saint Mark's Square) and with the public waterboat ACTV (number 1 or 2 to Accademia). The area in furthermore surrounded by bars and restaurants that permit the audience to begin or conclude their night with a romantic dinner or a simple glass of wine.
  • campo San Vidal, san Marco 2862/B
    Venezia (VE)


As a refering point to an international music panorama, Interpreti Veneziani reached their XVII Concert Season. Their current concert hall is the splendid San Vidal Church where over 330 concerts are performed every year holding over 60.000 spectators from all over the world.
Their music program is mainly conducted towards Italian Baroque music, in particular Antonio Vivaldi, although many other international composers aren't to be forgotten.
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via Pietro Selvatico 10
30173 - Mestre (VE)
+39 0412770561
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Interpreti Veneziani, an ensemble born in 1987 under the management of M° Paolo Cognolato, reached their XVII Concert Season dominating the approval of an international audience that is continuously increasing.
In the choosing of the musical programs, the attention of the Maestro particularly falls back to the compositions of Reverend Antonio Vivaldi, whose contribute became throughout the most acknowledged in our city, and of Italian Baroque music in general (Corelli, Tartini, Galuppi, Albinoni, etc.) without failing to remember the compositions of fundamental musicians such as Mozart, Bach, Haendel, Mandhelsson, Paganini, and so on.
The current Concert Season of Interpreti Veneziani is formed by over 330 concerts each year at the San Vidal Church in Venice, in addition to their numerous national and international exhibitions.
Throughout the most important achievements attained in these last years are to mention the participation to the Festival of Melbourne and the Festival of Beyreuth, the concerts at the Royalty Palace of Stoccolma, the participation to the worldwide Telemaratona at the Kirov Theatre for the "rebirth of the name of the city San Pietroburgo", the concert at the "symphony Hall" in Osaka live on the Japanese radio, the concerts at the "Suntory Hall" and "Kjoi Hall" of Tkyo. United States, Japan, Canada, Latin America alternate every year with organised concerts in their most prestigious concert halls; in 2013, furthermore, they performed for the first time in India for the occasion of the international ffestival "Think". For 2015 they were invited to play in South America (for a total of 12 concerts that will take place in the most important theatres and cultural institutes in Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Perù, and Mexico) and in Japan (an event that by now reached its VII° edition, composed in 6 concerts all concentrated in the capital of Tokyo, a demonstration of the affection and interest that the Nipponese audience has towards the orchestra).
Besides the Concert Season, throughout these last few years, the cooperative company Pentagramma started participating in the survival and diffusion of the cultural patrimony of the city of Venice starting with the foundation of the Music Museum at the San Maurizio Church, born with the collaboration of the Maestro Artemio Versari who contributed putting in disposition around 130 antique exemplars originally from his private collection, and second, with the outfitting of the historical Church of San Giacomo of Rialto. To consolidate this propensity towards our own city, in 2013 the progect "Art and Music in Venice" was born with the goal to promote and value the cultural and artistic patrimony present here in Venice, particularly by highlighting these prestigious sites that often remain excluded from the touristic canonical circuits. Side by side to Interpreti Veneziani and the Music Museum, there is also the collaboration of the Chorus churches, the Querini Stampalia foundation, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, and Officina delle Zattere other than over 70 hotels that take part of the supporters in this project. To aim this goal the cooperative company Pentagramma created a website dedicated to a Facebook account and free maps distributed throughout the different hotels in Venice for an amount of more than 1 million copies in the last four years.
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