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FESTEGGIAMENTI DI FERRAGOSTO Traditional summer local festival hosted by the small village  Festeggiamenti di Ferragosto is a traditional summer local festival hosted by the small village of Pero, near Venice, to celebrate the day of the Assumption of Mary in August, the 15th. This festival grew impressively during these last years, and now it offers a wide variety of food specialities, such as the appreciated meat recipes prepared with struzzo and musso meat (respectively ostrich and mule meat). Some examples are pappardelle with musso meat sauce, musso stew served with polenta (a delicate cream of boiled cornmeal) and sliced strusso steak, called tagliata. Many other typical dishes are available, like Spaghetti del Drago, spicy and delicious, and porchetta, savoury spit-roasted pork; the menu also provides a selection of traditional recipes, such as fried fish and grilled meats.
For those who want to have a good time and relax, a dedicated stand is always ready to serve cold beers and spritz and tasty sandwiches. Children will have fun in the inflatable playground, and in the meanwhile parents and friends can listen to good live music and dance in the outdoor dance floor. During the Festeggiamenti, visitors can play at the charity prize draw, take a look at the local handicrafts market and visit the painting exhibition of the appreciated local artist Ciro Zanette.


Additional information and program details of the ‘FESTEGGIAMENTI DI FERRAGOSTO’ can be found at:
  • via Della Vittoria
    Breda di Piave (TV)


G.U.P. (GRUPPI UNITI PERO) is a group of volunteers composed of young and less young people that belong to various local organizations, who want to put together their forces and resources for a common goal: to carry out activities related to their traditions and to organize events aimed at involving various fields of everyday life, from recreational to social.
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Via Vittoria n.2
31030 - Breda di Piave (TV)
+39 3294127882
Iba pang impormasyon
The G.U.P. became a non-profit organization on July 3rd 2006.
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