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VISIT OF MUSUEM EMPORIO ROBEVECIE A tour through the history of Veneto, in the atmosphere of a time of tradition and curiosity!  All our visitors can immerse themselves in a journey of discovery of ancient relics with alIa visit the Museum Emporio Osteria Robevecie: A veritable museum of art and crafts from the Veneto, including collectibles and memories of the past in our area. After the tour, you can taste a great and a delicious menu of mushrooms. Great appetizers, first courses and second courses of these great products, to give flavor and color to dishes, prepared with taste and passion from our kitchen. The menu includes: Antipasto dell'Oste, Gnocchi with Morlacco and mushrooms, noodles with porcini mushrooms, veal stew with mushrooms, piccatine mushrooms, porcini grilled. Visit by appointment. 

For information and reservations: 0424.394357 - info@robevecie.it
  • Viale Manzoni 123B
    Romano d'Ezzelino (VI)


Beware of imitations. Also because the Osteria Emporio "Robevecie" to Fellette of Roman Ezzelino just outside Bassano del Grappa is a place truly unique. A mixture of good and genuine Venetian cuisine, hospitality and friendliness guaranteed by the host Claudio Oriella and collecting copyright.
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+39.0424394357 WWW.ROBEVECIE.IT
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The Osteria Emporio Robevecie, with its flavors, fresh and genuine, is waiting to Fellette of Roman Ezzelino, just outside the city of Bassano del Grappa. 
The atmosphere and the proposals are undoubtedly matchless: a culinary tradition-bound, with the pride of being able to reproduce typical Venetian dishes, adjusting flavors, fragrances and colors, but also able to make a special touch of hospitality and friendliness guaranteed by 'Oriella host Claudio and his son Paul, who together manage the club. 
Framed by then, a well-stocked museum-emporium of gifts, collectibles and treasured, which can give an atmosphere of times gone! For here the time seems to have stopped Robevecie is also a kind of journey through the history of past generations, made of traditions narrated by hundreds of pots, tools, curiosities and old equipment on display, available for purchase, sale or exchange, and make this place one of the objects of the most famous stores in the Northeast. 
The recipe is a winner and the result of these ingredients is a unique inn housed in a cozy and very special, combining the display of rare and hard to find at a wine and food of the entire exception. 
The passion and love for the good taste of the chef Claudio represent a search for those authentic flavors typical of the area, made with simplicity and a good dose of creativity. 
And, the good mood for good eating, the pitch is very short, guests are greeted with the spontaneity and friendliness typical of the Veneto know. It will be delicious then go for a quick snack, or to taste typical Venetian cuisine, under the banner of sophisticated and distinctive local products. 
The location is selected from the guide "Inns of Italy - Slow Food" and has become, over the years a point of reference for food itineraries in the Veneto, appreciated and visited by customers from all over Italy. 
But that's not all: a few meters from the Osteria Emporio Robevecie, the Bed and Breakfast "Le Fate Corbezzole", which with all its amenities, it can be a relaxing conclusion after a great dinner or for those who are rather looking for a solution to a long or short stay in the area. 
We look forward to us and we promise that you will feel at home ... with some extra cuddle!
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