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BE PROTAGONIST OF YOUR EVENT AT LA PILA WITH US: A FAMILY DINNER LIKE ONCE UPON A TIME. Live your holiday at La Pila as an experience to be remembered and as a story to be told.
Every Tuesday evening there is the opportunity to dine with us and with all the other guests around a large table, just as once, and talk about our experiences and facts of real life.
The cuisine that you will find in our farm is careful not only to provide all that is typical of the Venetian and Veronese tradition, but also to use natural products from our farm.
Dinner is always the warmest and engaging moment in our farm, a meeting point for all of us, as in  the true family tradition of the past time and we eat all together guests and owners.
We prepare a large unique table and, chosen places, we start dinner animating the meal with anecdotes, exchanging mutual experiences, trying to recreate what is the true spirit of the farm.
It will be a meeting during which we learn to know eachother better and we can share our adventures and our stories: for example, we can tell the story of  La Pila and you, if you want, can tell some episodes of your life. It is also a moment when we can talk about the attractions of the area and suggest what you can see and do in the surrounding area and you can tell us what you have seen.
We will serve traditional Venetian dishes and, if you want, we can also explain their recipes. The menu will go from the famous risotto to the homemade pasta, from the white meat of our chicken coops to the vegetables from our garden, from homemade desserts to the freshly picked fruit, all in the name of simplicity and authenticity.
The evening will revive us, then, an experience of the past, gone but still authentic.

Every Tuesday evening at 20h00.
Price per person: 22,00 Euro
Children 0-4 years free of charge - children 5-10 years 50% discount.
Reservation is required at least one day before by e-mail or by phone.
Participation open to all people, lodging guests and not.
  • Via Pila 42
    Villa Bartolomea - località Spinimbecco (VR)


Situated on the banks of the river Adige, immersed in the tranquillity of the wonderful countryside of the Valli Grandi Veronesi, you will find our little paradise. My wife Raimonda and I, together with our daughter Carlotta and her husband Bruno, we will be ready to welcome you during your vacation to discover the original tastes, the country fragrances and the rural life far from the frenzy of the present day. You will also have the opportunity to meet our faithful "puppy" Spotty.
Contacts des entreprises
Via Pila 42
37049 - Villa Bartolomea (VR)
+390442659289 www.tenutalapila.com
Informations supplémentaires
The Farm is located on the edge of a vast plain known as the Valli Grandi Veronesi – the Great Verona Valleys. Intensive farming began in this area toward the end of the seventeenth century, with the introduction of rice farming exploiting the abundant water supply from the nearby Adige River.

In 1732 Count Rizzardo Sambonifacio was granted a concession to use multiple local water sources, channelled as required, for his rice paddies and for construction of a “Roda da Pilla”, meaning a rice-husking mill.
The result was construction of the La Pila house in Spinimbecco which still stands today - the building that would lend its name to the road from the centre of town to the rice fields and the mill.

A large farmyard was built, with a wall enclosing the residential buildings: the home of the Count and the people in charge of administration and supervision of the work on the farm, and next to it the home of the tenant farmers, sharecroppers and permanently hired labourers who worked in the fields. Adjacent to the large threshing floor for wheat and fodder were the working farm buildings: the stables, the sheds and the barn, as well as minor accessory structures such as the caneva for storing food and wine, the chicken coop, the oven, the well, the brolo garden and the vegetable garden.

Life on the estate flowed along as slowly as the great Adige River, which brought not only development but disaster over the years. The year of the great catastrophe was 1882. In the month of September torrential rains and the snow that had melted in the mountains over the course of a particularly hot summer caused the Adige to flood its banks. The flood devastated the city of Verona, carrying away houses and bridges, and the river broke through its right bank south of Legnago : the huge mass of water made the Great Valleys of Verona into one enormous lake.
Quite apart from its disastrous consequences for the local people, the flood led to big changes in agriculture in the area. Rice-growing was gradually abandoned in favour of maize, known locally as frumentone, meaning “big wheat”, or, in dialect, formentòn zalo, “big yellow wheat”.

The estate had several different proprietors after the Sambonifacio family. The Sartori family, the current proprietors, purchased the estate in the 1930s and immediately set about renewing the land and buildings. They renovated the landowner’s villa, planted tobacco, and converted one of the old barns into tobacco drying rooms.
The first orchards were planted in the ’50s. A new phase of renewal and investment began in the early ’90s.
La Pila is still loved by everyone who goes there!
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