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CANEVEL NO. 36 – JOURNEY TOWARDS A HARVEST – EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE Every Thursday during Expo Veneto, and during the run-up to our 36th grape harvest, Canevel Spumanti Valdobbiadene will be pleased to take guests on a journey of sensations, memories, tastes, and beauty that are an integral part of life at the winery. Grapevines have been cultivated at the foothills of the mountains of Treviso since time immemorial, and the wines they produce have been enjoyed and respected by all who have tasted them. Today we are retracing the history of Valdobbiadene’s gold, which has always supported its people and continues to do so today as it continues its worldwide success. A trip to the vineyards in the beautiful setting of Saccol of Valdobbiadene, and a visit to the winery to see at first hand the phases of processing the grapes from harvest to finished product, and finally a tasting of Canevel wines, will surely prepare the way to understanding and interpreting the huge effort that goes into making this wine, and the clear-cut difference between Canevel’s wines and those of its imitators.

Carlo Caramel, Roberto de Lucchi and Roberto Covre, directors of the company, will escort guests on these journeys of discovery, and will convey the passion that drives and engages them every day in the places closest to them and the remotest corners of the earth to make the phenomenon of Canevel’s products known.

Roberto De Lucchi, co-founder of the company and from the beginning its oenologist, will describe the seasonal phases of the vine and all the planning and care that Canevel exercises to ensure that the land is safeguarded. Natural fertilizers, environmentally friendly pest control treatment, strict respect for the land and its people are the hard and fast rules which govern how Canevel has long been accustomed to work - week after week monitoring the progress of the vines and their fruit right up to the 36th vintage. De Lucchi will then guide guests through the stages that the grapes, grape must, wine, and then bottles go through whilst maintaining and improving aspects of quality and respect for the consumer which have always been the pride of the Company.

Caramel Carlo and Roberto Covre will then lead guests through a wine tasting exercise, tasting the wines that most represent Canevel’s history. From Valdobbiadene DOCG Vigneto San Biagio fermented in bottles on the lees, to Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze, through the extra brut, brut and extra dry versions of the company’s products - there will be no better way to understand the evolution of this wine and to grasp its most characteristic aspects which are emphasised in the various DOCG versions. All this will be enjoyed in a charmed world, in the green sea of the vineyards of Valdobbiadene in the foothills of the Alps, with the guidance of a Company at the forefront of modern technology, that values and preserves the land and the people who work with it.

Times: Every Thursday during Expo Veneto from Thursday 7 May 2015
10.00 – The tour starts, weather permitting, with a visit to the vineyards.
10.30 – Tour of the winery, with a description of the technicalities of producing wine.
11.00 – Wine tasting in the tasting room – the diversity of the variations of Valdobbiadene DOCG
12.00 - Lunch and transfer to a restaurant (by previous arrangement only)
Please book the tour by calling 0423-975940, or by writing to segreteria@canevel.it
At the end of the tour, guests will be able to buy the products they have tasted at Expo2015 promotional prices.
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Canevel Spumanti was established in Valdobbiadene in 1979 by Mario Caramel e Roberto De Lucchi. From the beginning, the company’s most important aim has been to maximise quality, and this has been happening bottle after bottle for thirty-five harvests. Today, we produce almost one million bottles, of which 85% is distributed throughout Italy, making Canevel one of the country’s leading producers of sparkling wines. The company is now aiming to develop its foreign markets even further.
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+39 0423 975940 www.canevel.it
Informations supplémentaires
Mario Caramel, a wine trader from Oderzo, and Roberto e Lucchi, fresh out of the Conegliano School of Oenology, founded Canevel Spumanti in 1979. Their desire to forge new paths in search of a quality sparkling wine was immediately recognized and appreciated throughout Italy. At the time, no-one vinified on-site the wine for their own bottles, but from the start, their tenacity provided huge rewards.
In Venetian dialect, a "caneva" is a cellar, and the "canevel" was the recess in the "caneva", where the farmer kept, locked up, the best of his wines. Thirty-five vintages on, the little cellar has expanded and today the 950,000 bottles produced each year, are considered to be among the best produced in Valdobbiadene.
Established in a small rented workshop in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene, it took just a few years before it was necessary to find somewhere more spacious, a temporary abode in a more centrally located area close to Villa dei Cedri in Valdobbiadene, a C19th former industrial building which every year hosts a national fair featuring sparkling wines. Since 2000, Canevel’s permanent home has been in San Biagio, near Saccol. Set in enchanting surroundings within a fairy ring of hills, it has winery which uses cutting-edge technology and happily combines workforce, wine, innovation and the land.
The Valdobbiadene area is now where all the company’s production and commercial policies are focussed. Since the harvest of 2009, licence to produce Prosecco DOC has been awarded to a vast area that includes Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the greater part of the Veneto with the exclusion of the provinces of Verona and Rovigo. This vast area gives plenty of scope for many interpretations of single grape varieties which lose their typical qualities derived over time from being cultivated in the hills around Treviso.
Only by protecting the area where the wine is made in traditional ways, which now benefits from DOCG (Registered and Certified Designation of Origin), can decades of work that have made our grape variety famous throughout the world be preserved.
It was no accident that Canevel, in 2003, was the first company to eliminate the term prosecco from its label, and to name its sparkling wines simply as Valdobbiadene, provoking an outcry and being branded as “dissidents” by the local press.
After the untimely death of the founding Company Chairman in 1999, the torch was passed to his son Carlo Caramel who with Roberto De Lucchi as wine technician, and Roberto Covre as Commercial Manager, continues to run the company.
Together, they now pursue the original philosophies of the company, perpetuating the excellence achieved in the last 34 years, and still looking to the future with great optimism. Today the country is covered almost entirely by a sales team of about 70 representatives.
In fact, the Company’s commercial attentions are focussed on foreign countries more able than others to recognize the quality of sparkling wines made from Glera grapes and therefore more inclined to appreciate their distinctive qualities - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and USA in particular. Significant achievements have been made in northern Europe. Although China, Russia and Central and South America are open to the world of Prosecco, they are still unwilling to pay more for better quality wines.
Today, as well as persevering in the pursuit of quality by improving technology and developing innovative expertise in the Charmat method of fermentation, the Company is also focussing its attention on products derived from organically grown grapes with extremely low levels of added sulphur dioxide. With the next harvest, the Company expects to be ready to market an organic product, of great quality without sulphites, and without any of the defects of oxidation that still characterize similar products.
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