Evénement > “With hands in history: a path between myths and crafts of the ancient world”.

“With hands in history” values the collections and activities of the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi, by recollecting historical events, practising experimental archaeology and edutainment, connected with cultural and monumental heritage of the regional territory.
“With hands in history” enhances the archaeological collections of the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi: experimental archaeology labs run by skilled craftsmen with practical shows of ancient bronze, bones, stag-horn, pottery, glass, amber and gems manufacturing; workshops and labs for children and families; guided visits to the exhibition spaces; conferences and lectures with professors and scientists; historical recollections with costume players performing life in the periods represented by the exhibition, from the Bronze age to Renaissance. In the green areas visitors can appreciate simulations of Roman and Celtic camps and the fascinating art of Medieval falconers. The open-air market offers replicas of jewels, toys, tools, weapons and handcrafts, foods and beverages inspired by the different ages, traditional flavours, scents, sounds and atmospheres.
Thanks to the acknowledged experience of the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi in the field of experimental archaeology (acquired especially in many edition of the Archaeological Tourism Exchange, which takes place once a year in Paestum – Salerno), “With hands in history” invites younger and elder visitors to know the heritage of the past. The event, by opening the outdoor areas of the outstanding historical site (the Olivetan monastery, completely renovated, with its two cloister courts in Renaissance style and the two wide courtyards) to an extended audience, promotes as well the evocative convention spaces and the services available in the location.

May 2015, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10, from 09:00 till 19:00, free entrance, access for disabled people. Booking is kindly required for groups.
Museo dei Grandi Fiumi, tel. +39.0425.25077, fax +39.0425.464546, email museograndifiumi@comune.rovigo.it, web www.museograndifiumi.it.
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  • Piazzale San Bartolomeo, 18
    Rovigo (RO)


A Renaissance site, the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi exhibits the archaeological, cultural and  environmental heritage of Polesine, a land modelled by the biggest Italian rivers, Po and Adige. The outfitting points out a new vision: visitors interact with accurate replicas of the archaeological findings, theatrical settings, audio-video contents, dioramas, demonstration and scale models placed next to the display windows containing the archaeological items (II millennium b.C.-beginning of modern age).
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Piazzale S. Bartolomeo, 18
45100 - Rovigo (RO)
+3942525077 www.museograndifiumi.it
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Saint Bartholomew’s Church and the Olivetan monastery were built in the XIII century, with a new vitality in the XVI-XVII centuries and the two new cloister courts in Renaissance style and the two courtyards. Acquired by Rovigo Municipality in 1844, the monastery hosted first a charitable institution and later on, since 1978, the Museo Civico delle Civiltà in Polesine and a research centre on the origin and history of Polesine. After a complete renovation of the architectonical structure, the renewed Museo dei Grandi Fiumi opened in 2001.
With the Renaissance section, opened in 2014, the expositive path, including also Bronze, Iron, Roman and Middle age sections, came to an end. The whole exhibition shows all the archaeological knowledges about Polesine, referring to the contemporary settlement context in the rest of Italy and Europe. The conference room Flumina shows pottery from XIV until XVIII century and the cloister courts host roman gravestones.
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