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BASIC TRAINING COURSE IN CHOCOLATE Basic course to learn how to work with chocolate
The chocolate is a wide and evolving world. It has ancient origins, but uses the most modern techniques.is for many a language to express their own artistic sense. This course allows you to learn the basics you need to become familiar with one of the foods most loved by all humanity, the production of which links the continents in a short chain that is a way for cultural exchange. It will also allow us to understand how the chocolate can be worked in a totally natural way, even without the use of machines, in line with the principles of EXPO2015.

Times and prices
Duration: 2 days (14 hours total)
Hours: 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00
Upcoming Dates: 24-25 September 2015 / 15-16 October 2015 / 26-27 November 2015
Price: € 290 (IVA included)

More details: http://www.corsidicioccolato.it/le-lavorazioni-di-base/
For registration
contact: info@corsidicioccolato.it
or visit: www.corsidicioccolato.it
  • Via Refos, 45
    Limana (BL)


Leader in manufacturing products made of chocolate, the director Dr. Mirco Della Vecchia and national president of "CNA alimentare", has received more than 200 worldwide awards.
He founded in 2009 the Italian Master Chocolatiers Academy (Accademia Maestri Cioccolatieri Italiani), which is, today, the most famous chocolate school in the world.
Contacts des entreprises
Via Refos 45
32020 - limana (BL)
+39 329 39 42 298 www.corsidicioccolato.it
Informations supplémentaires
The school is specialized in creating works of chocolate, detaining 12 guinness world record, and realizing the chocolate sculpture depicting Papa Francesco and donated to the Pope on February 5th, 2014.
In 2015 the company will be committed to the EXPO2015 with 24 days of Show Cooking, themed chocolate.
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