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For the church of S. Pietro di Castello which was the patriarchal cathedral of Venice for hundreds of years:
for the Arsenal – the symbol of Venetian seamanship and Serenissima grandeur;
for the Biennale d'Arte exhibition areas;
for all this and much more ...

We advise you to visit Venice  when going to the 2015 World Expo at Milan. You will be able to understand the  relationship the city has with its lagoon and sea, and how this represents  a summary of EXPO themes. Venice drew on the sea for its food, obtaining life and energy for its economic, artistic, political and military growth. This led it to renown worldwide prominence.
The city has an infinite number of itineraries highlighting its connection to the sea. We suggest a beautiful walk in the Castello district. You must have a smart phone or a tablet and an innovative APP called “Ecco Venezia!”.
It is a route that leaves from Celestia, a secluded part of the city with a view of the Arsenal walls, looking out towards the North lagoon area, and develops by viewing sixteenth century masterpieces by Jacopo Sansovino and Andrea Palladio:  the church of S. Francesco della Vigna; it continues on with Baldassarre Longhena's works along the short route, leading you to the marvellous monumental complex  of SS. Giovanni and Paolo. Then after a short way, you come to Santa Maria Formosa campo (square) and its magnificent church, and the Querini Stampalia Scientific Foundation; immediately afterwards, there is the splendid Grimani Palace  and then, the Church “dei Greci”, S. Zaccaria campo (square) and its church. You arrive at the S. Zaccaria riva, and have a splendid view of the St. Mark basin. Continuing on for a short while, you reach “porta dei Leoni” – the Lion’s gate, the Arsenal's main entrance.
Today the Arsenal is also a scientific and cultural hub, and the symbol of a very tight or intimate relationship between Venice and the sea.
The route continues along via Garibaldi and the Gardens, part of which are dedicated to the Biennale d'Arte. In this section you will find exhibition pavilions of various countries.
Leaving the Gardens, you come into contact with a part of a once, more - working class area of the Castello district, where you can see a real jewel - the church of S. Isepo; continue on towards the S. Pietro di Castello church – a very important religious place, for centuries being  the seat of the patriarchal cathedral of Venice.
The route also leads you to the bridge of the virgins (or of thoughts - ponte delle vergini o dei pensieri) where you will find an entrance to the Biennale d'arte all'Arsenale.
Following that, you come to the S. Pietro di Castello waterbus stop – end of the route.
The magnificent view of the lagoon waiting for you from the waterbus stop – the islands and the fact that they were all inhabited and used for specific reasons in the past – highlights even more clearly, the 'tight' link Venice has with the sea.

Tour of Castello: Celestia – S. Zaccaria - Arsenale - S. Pietro di Castello
Length: one day from 9.00am to 5.30pm
Meet at the square in front of the railway station and/or at the F.te Nove waterbus stop between 9.00am and 9.30am;
Gathering of participants and attendants at F.te Nove waterbus stop. Waterbus departure for Celestia, is scheduled between 10.00am and 10.30pm. From there, the route continues on to S. Zaccaria – Arsenale- S. Pietro di Castello;
Arrival at Celestia – attendants instruct participants on the use of the “Ecco Venezia!” APP and are given a time to meet at the S. Zaccaria waterbus stop.
Attendants meet the participants at the S. Zaccaria waterbus stop: an opportunity to spend a 'social' half hour or thereabouts with other group members exchanging opinions on the itinerary - scheduled time: 1.00pm – 1.30pm until 2.00pm.
Participants may continue on independently to the Arsenale, and to S. Pietro di Castello. At the end of the route, the attendants will be waiting for participants at the S. Pietro di Castello arrivals' waterbus stop.
Public transport can be used to return, or the itinerary can be done backwards.
The tour is scheduled to end between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.
Booking is obligatory and must be done by 9.00am of the day before the event.
Please send email to info@pernuovestrade.com for bookings and further information.
Route information and instructions have been translated into foreign languages by ‘Acca Traduzioni’ www.accatraduzioni.it 
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    Venezia (VE)


‘pernuovestrade srl’ is a Venetian company founded in 2015 and active in the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with higher added value through customized hardware, software, multimedia and telecoms solutions.
The company has created and launched a tourism service product called ‘Ecco Venezia!’ - an useful tool which allows you to visit Venice, using your smartphone or tablet, via pre-arranged tours guided by GPS, photos and descriptions. www.eccovenezia.com
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