HUSH! DOLOMITES FLAVOURS ARE SPEAKING! Enjoy the pleasure of a dishful of “csanzöi”, local cheese and a glass of genuine beer in the enchanted landscape of the Dolomites. ALBERGO DIFFUSO COSTAUTA, OSPITALITA’ DIFFUSA and ARTIGIANALE DEL GRILLO promotes three days dedicated to the tasting of “csanzöi” – the typical Dolomite “semi-circle raviolo”.
The tasty dish is prepared with many different fillings and served with melted butter and Parmesan Cheese or smoked ricotta cheese and accompanied by home-brewed beer, produced with mountain spring water, local malt and honey, enriched with the aroma of valley herbs. Zero-km food and Zero-km beer, in line with the spirit of Expo 2015.
The event will take place at the tasting-room of Panificio Eicher from 11 am on 12th July, 2nd August and 6th September 2015.
Guests of LBERGO DIFFUSO COSTAUTA and friends will be offered “csanzöi”, beer ARTIGIANALE DEL GRILLO, local cheese and cold meats.
An occasion to share food, knowledge of the valley traditions and to reflect on Expo leading theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. until dusk, in the indicated dates. Participation is free.
Accommodation can be arranged in one of the various residencies of Associazione Albergo Diffuso Costauta, provided for the event guests by the associates.
  • Via Casanova 33
    Costalta (BL)


Panificio Eicher (Costalta di Cadore in the heart of Dolomites) has been producing home-made bread for over 90 years. It is proud to be a family bakery run by four generations of female bakers: Lucia (b. 1898), Elena (b. 1922), Lucia (b. 1952), Marta (b. 1982).
As in other cultures bread is a feminine product in this small mountain village!
Contacts des entreprises
Via Casanova 33
32040 - Costalta (BL)
+39 0435460119
Informations supplémentaires
During the 90ies Panificio Eicher started to produce “csanzöi” – a delicious raviolo with a filling of potatoes mixed with 22 different specialities, from mountain herbs to mushrooms, turnip, local ham and speck.
From 2013 Panificio Eicher is associated with ALBERGO DIFFUSO COSTAUTA, OSPITALITA’ DIFFUSA. The Reception is located
in the Cafeteria.
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