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DOLOMITES VISIONS Photo exhibition: discovering the Dolomites through the lens of an artist who can see beyond Samuel Pradetto, photographer from Comelico valley, his fame has gone beyond Italian borders in the last years. He introduces his pictures about Nature. An opportunity to discover the Dolomites through the lens of a visionary artist. 
"Since last years I have appraciated more and more my passion for photograhic art.  I feel lucky: I am sure I am travelling on a long and creative path, which I will further follow.  
A time journey where I can leave a small footprint, a tribute to photography. 
The images I create, are my personal vision of the Nature, a vision which changes, a slow but progressive evolution.
Time goes by inexorably, it goes so fast that I can’t live all the way my adventures, enjoy every small moment and cherish them, as I am alredy planning…the future”.


The Event will take place by Sala Polifunzionale in  Casada (Santo Stefano di Cadore - BL) - Sat., Sept. 5th 2015, at 9.00 pm
Free entrance.

Organized by:
- Comune di Santo Stefano di Cadore (BL)
- Comune di San Pietro di Cadore (BL)

- Public library of Santo Stefano di Cadore
- Public library of San Pietro di Cadore
- Regione del Veneto
- Provincia di Belluno Dolomiti
- Reteventi Cultura - http://reteventi.provincia.belluno.it
- Consorzio Turistico Val Comelico - www.valcomelicodolomiti.it/
- www.nuovocadore.it

  • Sala Polifunzionale - via Solferino
    Casada (Comune di Santo Stefano di Cadore) (BL)


Municipality of Santo Stefano di Cadore (Belluno)
Contacts des entreprises
Piazza Roma 38
32045 - Santo Stefano di Cadore (BL)
+39043562305 www.santostefanodicadore.info
Informations supplémentaires
Santo Stefano di Cadore (908 at sea level) is one of the 5 Municipalities of Comelico Valley. It's located in a green valley, surrounded by meadows and wood, right at the confluence of  stream Padola into the river Piave. Santo Stefano is close to important mountains of the Dolomites, such as Mount Tudaio (2140 m), Krissin (2503 m), Aiarnola (2456 m) and Popera (2513 m).
Santo Stefano di Cadore is also a Holiday resort: in winter it is easy to reach all the Ski areas nearby. Actually Comelico Valley is the homeland of many champions of the cross-country ski: Maurilio De Zolt, Silvio Fauner and Pietro Piller Cottrer.
In summer, there is an countless choice of hikes to do among the wood, the paths of Valgrande, Val Popera and Val Visdende.
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