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OPEN DAY LARETER SPA Discover the environmental policies  that permits us to have a competitive approach on the markets. LARETER SPA within the last years has been continuously improving its production cycle , reducing the environmental impact deriving from the production of PVC and PE pipes.

In compliance with the company’s management philosophy, LARETER SPA promoted in 2011 projects of sensibilisation on environmetal issues and safety on the workplace, implementing an integrated management system.
In november 2012, Lareter SpA also obtained, in recognition of its efforts, the integrated certification UNI EN ISO 14001,issued by BSI Italy, which testify the attention of Lareter Spa towards environmental safety on the workplace.

To comply with the engagements enounced in the Security and Environment Program LARETER SPA , up to now, put into practise the following projects: :

- Photovoltaic plant
- Reduction of energy consumption ( Energy Efficiency)
- Management of dangerous substances
- Collection of seperated waste material
- Certificates of engery saving (Energy Efficiency)

We'll permit to our visitors to discover our approach on the enrionmental policies that will help Lareter to be in the markets in the next decades, in accordance to the environment and the emissions of Co2.

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Discover the environmental policies  that permits us to have a competitive approach on the markets.
  • Via Occhiobello 732
    Fiesso Umbertiano (RO)


LA.RE.TER. Spa is a Company founded in 1961 that operates for more than 50 years in the production of PVC and PE pipes, used for industrial applications, for the construction of pipelines for water supply, drainage and wastewaters and in agriculture for irrigation. Lareter distributes its products in more than 30 countries all over the world. Thanks to a well established commercial network and a well organised logistic department, Lareter is able to respond quickly to customer’s requests.
व्यापारिक संपर्क
Via Occhiobello 732
45024 - Fiesso Umbertiano (RO)
+390425745511 www.lareter.it
अधिक जानकारी
The seriousness and reliability of Lareter are futhermore confirmed by the wide Case History of application of its products in different projects, coming from leading Companies both in Italy and foreign countries, working in the field of water treatment, constructions, cooling processes, biogas and drains.
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