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ROAD TO QUALITY Road to Quality is Fimap product itinerary towards quality. Through such path it is possible to visit the factory and to see the care and attention with which Fimap machines are produced and the numbers of controls they have to overcome Fimap machines are internally devised, designed and produced, allowing to look after the product from its conception till the moment it leaves the factory. From the choice of materials to the equipment for saving natural resources, each phase is very carefully accomplished to guarantee highly efficient and effective products. The company developed technologies for natural resource saving that allow scrubbers to offer high hygiene standards avoiding wastes of water and energy, and sweepers to clean effectively optimizing consumptions. To guarantee high efficiency levels, which represent the strong point of Fimap machines, a plan of “ongoing” quality check has been developed, which allows to follow and verify each production step up to the final computerized test, that certifies the machine performances and its compliance to environmental requirements. Road to Quality allows to make clear the company investments and commitment towards a continuous improvement  of quality.

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Attendance is under request: book your visit writing to marketing@fimap.com
  • Via Invalidi del Lavoro, 1
    S.Maria di Zevio (VR)


Fimap Spa is an international leader in the design and production of professional floor-cleaning machines. It offers a complete range of scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and single disc machines able to guarantee high hygiene standards in a sustainable manner. The main goal is customer satisfaction, through the developing of cutting edge products in terms of quality, performances, innovation, services and  environmental respect.
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Via Invalidi del Lavoro, 1
37059 - S.Maria di Zevio (VR)
+39 045 6060411 www.fimap.com
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Fimap, founded on 25th March 1988, has by now imposed itself at international level and it still continues to grow thanks to its innovation and technology oriented approach. In 1993, Massimiliano Ruffo took over the company which was settled at San Martino Buon Albergo, close to Verona. At that time the company had 5 employees; now they are 100. It experienced such a fast and continuous growth that, in little more than a decade, Massimiliano Ruffo managed to make Fimap one of the most important companies in its sector.
1994 was one of the milestone years for the company: first participation in the most important exhibition of the sector and development of the sales distribution network abroad and in Italy. The turning point for its growth was the partnership with internationally renowned distributors. From a 2.000 sq.m shed, today the company extends over an area of 23.000 sq.m with the new, modern and technologically advanced headquarters at Santa Maria di Zevio, e few kilometers away from Verona.
Large spaces that have been built with considerable development margins in order to expand its production capacity. This plant is just the first sign of the expansion and strengthening of the Fimap trand and it also contributes to highlight the value that has been created over so many years of activity.
One of the main features of the new headquarters, among the many positive ones, lies in the possibility of providing “in-house” hospitality customers from throughout the cleaning industry to further emphasize the strictly personal relationship.
The pursuit of higher and higher standards of quality, sustainability, and design brought the company to move towards the achievement of international certifications. TÜV Italia has certified the evaluation methods of resource saving, water and energy, that was possible thanks to the sustainable technologies developed by Fimap. In addition, more than 60 Fimap scrubber models are listed in the WTL run by the UK's governmental department DEFRA. In 2010 Fimap receives the Top Performance award for the best conformity level to the reference rules in quality performance terms  and a special mention for being among the first organizations to obtain the certifications for quality, for environment and for safety. In 2013 it wins the red dot award: product design for Mxr scrubbing machine.
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