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HISTORICAL REENACTMENTS IN THE PROVINCE OF PADUA A journey towards the discovery of tradition and history through the reconstruction of a past world, charming and magical, for both adults and children. Events of July and August
Calendar of major historical re-enactments taking place in the Padua area in July and August

July 25 to 26

The name marciliana comes from an ancient freight boat built in the town of Chioggia.
In 1378 there began a series of war episodes for the hegemony of commercial ports in the East of Italy that included the expansionist ambitions of Francis, the Old Lord of Padua.
For two days the Benedictine Court in Correzzola becomes a place where you can meet art and antique trades, monks, pilgrims, nobles, merchants, drummers, dancers. At sunset, you will enjoy performances by musicians, astronomers, fortune tellers, fire-eaters, jugglers and hawkers, and parades in historical costumes. Moreover, under the shadow of the ancient arcades, you will find the inns of the various districts, a Medieval Fair, and - at the Ecclesia of S. Leonardo - a well-equipped refreshment stand.
Info: info@comune.correzzola.pd.it


MESTRINO | locations Lissaro
from August 28 to September 2

Festival with local cuisine and traditional race of donkeys (mussi). Lissaro's Palio dell'Asino has become a traditional event, reaching this year its 18th edition, with a great success of public. The dispute of the Palio dell'Asino, a race with the donkeys of the eight districts of Lissaro, takes place during the village festival of the Holy Patron Saint John the Baptist. The event takes inspiration from a historical fact that probably happened in the year 1002, in the area of ​​the church of S. Maria del Zocco. The territory was then under the jurisdiction of the Court and Parish of Lissaro, whose existence at that time is aknowledged by the historian Andrea Gloria, as testified by the act of claim of the rights of the Bishop of Padua towards Vicenza in the year 1077.
Info: parrocchialissaro@alice.it

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For detailed information on each event, see the dedicated sites or send an email.
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The Province of Padua, the most densely populated in the Veneto Region, is located in a strategic position at the centre both of the main axes of communication in the Region and of an infrastructure and economic network with a strong potential. It is therefore a privileged centre of attraction, only a  30-minute drive from Venice and Vicenza, 50 minutes from Treviso and Verona, 60 minutes from the sea and Lake Garda.
व्यापारिक संपर्क
35121 - PADOVA (PD)
+390498201111 www.provincia.padova.it
अधिक जानकारी
The territory of the Province of Padua with its 104 municipalities testifies to over 3,000 years of history through a dense intertwining of evidence: medieval walled towns, ramparts, villas, castles, parks, monuments, frescoed chapels, oratories, treasures preserved in the churches.
The Province of Padua has established a network of museums with the intent to make its cultural and environmental heritage more accessible to everybody. Museums are seen as alive and living spaces, places of science or history, but also as relaxing spots to spend some time with family and friends, to discover many oddities and the beauties of Padua and the Euganean Hills.
The centuries-old culinary tradition of Padua is rooted in the simple products of the courtyard and of the vineyard, in the fruits of the season, and in some areas in the wild herbs, of which the Euganean Hills are rich. You can relish the delights of agricultural production and the culinary tradition of Padua on traditional holidays or during the countless food and wine events: the Euganean Hills and Bagnoli Wine Roads, the dairies, exquisite products such as the variegated radicchio "Fior di Maserà", the cold cuts, the sweet potato of Anguillara and Stroppare, the white and green Asparagus, the pear and the apple from Castelbaldo, the ham from Montagnana, the olive oil of the Euganean Hills, and not least, the renowned hens Padovana and Polverara, the farms, the taverns, the restaurants, the hotels and the specialty shops.
Handicraft is a widespread activity in the territory, so that Padua  can be seen as a real "artisan province" whose strengths are represented by tradition, creativity and technical skill. Woodworking - also linked to the production of musical instruments - is quite widespread and sophisticated.
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