CUCINA & CANTINA / CHERRIES & TAI ROSSO WINE During Expo Milano 2015 we propose to you «Cucina & Cantina», a series of dinners with wine tasting. We offer these dinners in collaboration with some of the winemakers met during the latest trip in search of the best expressions of our terroir. «Cherries & Tai Rosso Wine», next May 29, is the second event of this food and wine travel accompanied by winemakers, with Il Colle di Gà wines and the cherries interpreted by Momi.

Friday, May 29, 2015, 8.30 pm

Fassona beef tartare with Duroni cherries salad
Wine — “La Myrtille” Pinot nero rosato Igt, 2013. Il Colle di Gà wines

Ravioli with Robiola cheese and Sandra cherries, flavored with Sichuan pepper
Wine — “La Grenade” Tai rosso colli Berici Doc, 2013, Il Colle di Gà wines

Sliced Mulard breast duck with Morette cherry sauce and sautéed potatoes
Wine — “La Fraise de bois” Pinot nero Igt, 2013. Il Colle di Gà wines

Cheesecake with Duroni cherries
Wine — “L’Abricot” Garganega passito Igt Veneto, 2010. Il Colle di Gà wines

40 euro, wine included

With Il Colle di Gà winery  (www.ilcollediga.com) 

अधिक सहकारी जानकारी
Friday, May 29, 2015, 8.30 pm
By reservation only

T. +39 0424 590947
E-mail www.momirestaurant.it
  • Via Rizzi, 51
    Nove (VI)


Treat yourselves to the pleasures of the palate. At Momi simple traditional dishes are at the same time innovatively creative as a careful elaboration focuses on fresh ingredients and seasonal specialties. A nouvelle dining experiences, both healthy and enjoyable. Experience, research and experimentation are brought together and expressed in our prepared dishes. Generations of inhabitants, for whom food has been such an important part of culture, provide the stories of our lands.
व्यापारिक संपर्क
via Rizzi 51
36055 - Nove (VI)
+39 0424 590947 www.momirestaurant.it
अधिक जानकारी
At Momi restaurant simple traditional dishes are at the same time innovative and creative. We propose a carefully prepared modern cuisine in an environment that is noted for its elegance and originality. Special meats and fresh fish, fruit and strictly seasonal vegetables are made into gourmet dishes to satisfy everyone’s desires and expectations. At Momi restaurant, dinner, lunch and breakfast will be the times in which to share magic moments, with impressive views of the surrounding landscapes, and the city lights which come alive just after dusk. The Momi Wine Cantina proposes a vast choice of some of the Veneto Region’s renowned labels as well as other wine specialties of different Italian and international regions. 
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