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Hotel dei Chiostri - Abbazia di Zanon Ivana & Co.

Piazza Iv Novembre, 20 - Follina (TV)

टेलीफोन: +39 0438 971805 साइट: www.hoteldeichiostri.com
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Imagination, style, originality, an exclusive place with a strong personality: these are the best definitions for this hotel in the historic center of Follina, the shadow of the Cistercian abbey of Santa Maria.

A modern environment where the clean lines, the use of light, the background music, furnishings, colors, materials, and the concept of space, are elements concerted to match, according to new standards, the aesthetic beauty and the comfort, in a single value.

The hotel, with its 15 rooms all doubles and junior suites individually decorated, has a structure with the feet in history and head into the future; those staying in this hotel eclectic, so rich in artistic and historical traces, at the same time enjoy the comfort and contemporary design, a new concept of hospitality, in step with the times and attentive to customer needs.

  • स्टार: 4
  • जानवर: हाँ
  • इंटरनेट: हाँ, नि: शुल्क
  • पार्किंग: हाँ, नि: शुल्क
  • नाश्ता: हाँ, ऐच्छिक
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