ROMEO & JULIET RE LIFE Same days, same hours, same location!

5 days for the neverseen reenactment.

A unique operation: from Sunday to thusday, followint Shakespearian timing, bodies, actions and text: Romeo and Juliet come back to life … up to death!
RE LIFE, as Real Life Re or Alive.

The idea was born from a need: to marry the story of Romeo and Juliet with the city that it has been so identified and so strongly influenced.

To take up the identity of the city and its architecture that just because, or through, Romeo and Juliet was developed as we know it today by far-sighted city administrators.

The idea was born from a desire to live the hectic succession of events provided by the literary reality, translating it in real time. A surprising encounter between theater and reality, a “big brother” of the theater in which, however, does not ask people to do themselves characters, on the contrary: the characters are there, exist in the imaginary of the world, have a personality that emerges from the meeting with the actors who play them, and the actors will be the instrument of life for themselves.

The idea was born to do that City and History are linked for the first time and for the first time none of them will be the instrument of the other, but both co-stars. In a plot where recognize together.

The idea came to work on an interpretive trail that aims to put doubts rather than certainties, aiming to put the performers in the position of always wondering what is the disruptive element, the inner conflict, the generational conflict who they are living in every single scene, making them aware of the "here and now" but also of the consequences "hanging on the stars."
Creating the conditions for which the path of evolution (or devolution) of the individual characters, allowing the performers to proceed in a situation that does not have the unity of the play, which begins and ends in the "two hours traffic of our scenes," but it differs in many moments short and intense, almost supernova theater.

16 scenes in 5 days
Be there and tell shreds of "our" story: Verona and Theatre. That belongs to us, lovers, enthusiasts, quarrelsome, us kids and us parents, us citizens and institutions, us actors and theater people.
Be in a proposal to marry culture and territory, creating the conditions for a "TOURISM ON STAGE" where the cultural event is the engine for the knowledge of the area.
Being there to declare our presence, our identity.
To recognize and identify.
Two Sundays before August 1st , as it’s tradition, Capulet family organizes the most important party of the city. The servant of the Capulet house is sent out with a long list of invitees, and Mercutio will take advantage to introduce the "enemies" MontagueS: Romeo and Benvolio. Romeo knows Juliet.
The CAPULET’S PARTY is the dramatic situation that will allows the first meeting of the two lovers ... and their love at first sight.
But it is also the party in which "Verona society" encountered himself, in unconventional way and out of the “two households” (Capulets and Montagues) array. The opportunity to celebrate the joy of life and the joy of living in Verona. The occasion for the highest town offices  to touch the appreciation of their work, to "sniff" the current climate, before surrendering himself to the libations and entertainment.
Starting from these concepts in "RE LIFE" the Capulet party becomes the party of the city, the festival of Verona today playing with the story of "Romeo and Juliet" and getting into dance, dress, tells. This is the idea for the event more festive of all the scenes of "RE LIFE": Verona gets to the streets ... and have fun!
For this you will be asked to Carnival Masks of Veronese to be present in full force, so citizens will be invited to present, for the Capulet’s Party, that will be a great dance party, where to take folk music, that of  the European roots, maybe revisited, to let explode the ability of involvement, with dancers whom will be asked to prepare to be a leader and servant of the audience.


10:00 - 10:30               Piazza dei Signori – Montegues/Capulets quarrel; Act I, scene i, verses 60/69 e 81/103
20:00 - 20:15               Corte Mercato Vecchio - queen Mab; Act I, scene iv, verses 1/114
21:00 - 21:15               Piazza dei Signori – Juliet, Lady Capulet and Nurse; Act I, scene iii, verses 14/ 99
21:00 - 23:30               Piazza dei Signori – CAPULETS PARTY; Act I, scene v, verses 55/145
06:00 - 06:30               Juliet’s house (courtyard) – Balcony scene; Act II, scene ii, verses 2/157 e 167/193 – LIMITED SEATS (*)
08:30 - 08:45               S. Anastasia Church - Romeo and Friar Laurence; A II, sc iii, verses 1/90
16:00 - 16:10               S. Anastasia Church – wedding; Act II, scene vi, verses 1/37
16:30 - 16:45               Giardini di Piazza Indipendenza - Tybalt/Mercutio/Romeo duel; Act III, scene i, verses (1) 37/197
06:00 - 06:30               Juliet’s house (Juliet room) – lark scene and Capulet invective; Act III, scene v, verses 1/68 & 107/242 – LIMITED SEATS (*)
16:00 - 16:30               S. Anastasia Church – Juliet at Friar Laurence meeting
21:00 - 22:00               Juliet’s house (Juliet room) – Juliet takes the vial; Act IV, scene iii, verses 14/58 - LIMITED SEATS (*)
09:00 - 09:15               Juliet’s house (courtyard) – Juliet dead; Act IV, scene v, verses 1/15
09:15 - 09:45               from Juliet’s house to Juliet’s tomb – coffin journey
19:00 - 19:10               PONTI SUL MINCIO - Castello Scaligero - Romeo and Balthasar; Act V, scene i, verses 1/38
20:00 - 20:10               BORGHETTO SUL MINCIO – PONTE - Romeo take the poison; Act V, scene i verses 57/86
06:00          06:15        Juliet’s tomb  - Arrival and death of Romeo – awakening and death of Juliet. Prince arrival. It is the glooming peace; Act V, scene iii, verses 91/120 e 161/170 – 292/309  – LIMITED SEATS (*)
  • Piazza dei Signori
    Verona (VR)


CASA SHAKESPEARE (Shakespeare’s house) is a cultural association of social
As stated in art. 2 "The association has the purpose of enhancement of the Cultural,
Historical and Architectural Capital of the city of Verona, Veneto Region,Italy and the
European Union through the practice and promotion of the Shakespearean theatrical
culture (and of other authors and composers, with particular attention to those who have
laid the foundations of the common European cultural heritage). "
Poslovni Kontakti
Via Ponte Pietra 25/b
37121 - Verona (VR)
Dodatne Informacije
Casa Shakespeare puts the "theater" in the service of the territory, for the promotion of
tourism and social growth. Not "use him” but at the service of Shakespeare and
what he created thinking about cities, spaces, territories.
Casa Shakespeare is proposed as a tool to make Verona the first Shakespeare
European center outside of England:
• for a comparison with the other Shakespearean realities;
• to develop common European policies to promote the area;
• to investigate how the poetry of Shakespeare is reinterpreted in various European
languages, on the effects that his poetry has had in different customs and habits, the way
he has contributed to the common European thought;
• to develop the European Common Culture born thanks to the great thinkers and writers
(such as Dante, Cervantes, Moliere)
For that intends to organize meetings, discussions, festivals and events thet call for
collection people from all over Europe.
The activity from which was born Casa Shakespeare is summarized in the
Shakespearean festival JULIET, which in 2015 will see its fourth edition and has
opened the doors to "EUROPE IN LOVE", a project to promote integrated tourism
among 10 European cities that will be presented to the European Commission in
February 2015 and to be held in the three years from 2016 to 2018..
Kalendar Expo Veneto

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