A STROLL AMONG THE VINEYARDS AND OLIVE GROVES OF LAKE GARDA – 2ND GIANCARLO TURRI MEMORIAL RACE The Turri siblings are organizing an event among the olive groves and vineyards of Lake Garda, to the discovery of this splendid territory. This non-competitive, cross-country race will be dedicated to the memory of their father, founder of the family business. Giancarlo Turri was an outstanding entrepreneur in the field of extra virgin olive oil production, but also an excellent sportsman. Our family still treasures an article about him that appeared in a newspaper dating back to the Forties. In the words of the enthusiastic journalist, “[Giancarlo Turri] fought with all his might, he, the youngest of the young. He did all he could...”. And it is to commemorate his tenacious spirit that Fiaspa Bardolino has decided once again to dedicate its annual, non-competitive cross-country race to our father, Giancarlo Turri. The event, the name of which can be translated as “A stroll among the vineyards and olive groves of Lake Garda”, fills all of us, Mario, Laura, Luisa and Giovanni, with great pride. The race will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2015, at 4.00 p.m., starting from our oil mill in Cavaion Veronese.
This is the second memorial of our father, who was the founder of the successful family business that we still run following his principles of research and quality. His ideas and precepts were in turn inherited from his father, and are coherent with our commitment today to promote sports and healthy eating habits.

STARTS FROM: Frantoio Turri F.lli Strada Villa, 9 - 37010 Cavaion Veronese
STARTS: 4.00 pm
PATH: km 6 e km 12(12 collinare)
ORGANISED BY: Frantoio Turri Fratelli 
For application and information please write to
FINISH At: 8:00 pm
  • Strada Villa 9
    Cavaion Veronese (VR)


Since its origin the Turri Brothers olive mill produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Garda . The company is located in the hilly area of Lake Garda, in the heart of an exclusive territory as their exclusve product.
Poslovni Kontakti
Strada Villa 9
37010 - Cavaion Veronese (VR)
+39 045 7235006
Dodatne Informacije
The history of the Fratelli Turri olive mill sinks its roots far back in time. The family has been cultivating olives and making oil since 1880, but it was only in 1951 that Giancarlo founded the enterprise we now know. With the growing demand for their products, renowned for their superb quality, the company started to expand, and soon afterwards the family was no longer only pressing olives, but also producing, packaging and selling extra virgin olive oil.
Now Mario, Laura, Luisa and Giovanni continue to follow in their father’s footsteps, working with the same passion that Giancarlo had when he started the family business in his first olive mill among the Verona hills, to then move to Cavaion Veronese, in the splendid environs of Lake Garda.
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