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FIERA DEL RISO Riso Vialone Nano igp Since 1967 the Rice Fair of Isola della Scala (VR), since 1967, has carried on the tradition of the feasts that took place in the countryside of Pianura Padana after the harvest time and today it is one of the most visited enogastronomic events in Italy. The characteristic of this Rice Fair is its short supply chain. The risotto all'isolana is the most served dish, but you can also taste other 100 risotto recipes. The event includes contests, seminars and themed gastronomic evenings.

  • Isola della Scala
    Isola della Scala (VR)


Gusto Veneto brings together 45 events to be held between May and October 2015, concurrently with EXPO Milan. It is an extraordinary network of events dedicated to 35 food and wine branded European products (DOG, DOCG, IGT, PGI, PDO). These events are animated by more than 5000 volunteers of the Union of the Pro Loco of the Veneto region, which also coordinates this project.
Poslovni Kontakti
Piazza Squillace,4
31050 - Miane (TV)
+39 0438893345
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