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GRASS IN MOUNTAIN BARN Excursion in the places between Mountain barn Valmaron and Lisser fort and collection of spontaneous grass with guide Accompanied from an expert guide we will make an easy excursion in the places between the Mountain barn and the strong Lisser to the search and acknowledgment of the spontaneous mountain grass. In the afternoon, market of the grass and visits to the didactic small farm of the mountain barn

Meeting hours 9,30 a.m.
- Excursion to the strong Lisser
- Acknowledgment and collection of spontaneous grass
- Lunch made up of spontaneous grass and mountain barn products.
Aperitif with syrups of sambuco and lies with crostini with butter of mountain barn
Zuppa grass of spontaneous grass (mehlkraut)
Cheeses, salumi, polenta, grass cooked and insalata of field
Mousse of annealed of mountain barn with honey and syrup of raspberries
Enclosed Tisana and water
- Visit to the didactic Small farm of the Mountain barn
- Small Market of the grass

  • Malga 1° lotto Valmaron
    Enego (VI)


The agricultural company is found to Enego, to little steps from the Valsugana and Asiago. In our small farm we accommodate 110 cows of which 60 from latte. The milk ones produced come inside transformed in the cheese factory of the company. Working our latte ones we succeed in garantirvi only and typical cheeses that they reflect the value and the traditions of a time.
Poslovni Kontakti
via Tabaro, 30
36052 - Enego (VI)
+39 348.3647129
Dodatne Informacije
From always it is our tradition to carry the animals in high mountain during summer, fantastic place where the nature makes from landlady.
The company offers to recreational activities or didactic distances us. It makes you to know and to appreciate as the typical life is carried out peasant to contact directed with the animals of the small farm. You will be able to visit the cheese factory of the company and savoured our products.
We accommodate from October to May groups you drained to us for Didactics, while from june to september in mountain barn.
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